About Us

Quality you can Trust

IMC/Teddy was originally founded in 1955 under the name Stainless Equipment Fabricators, Inc. (or “SEFI”). IMC/Teddy started as a local fabrication shop manufacturing made-to-order stainless steel food service equipment for restaurants, hotels, schools, and institutional kitchens located mostly in the tri-state New York City area.
In 1969 SEFI acquired Institutional Maintenance Corporation (IMC). At about that time, food service consultants and architects nationwide began to specify floor troughs in their designs and proposals. Addressing this need, IMC/Teddy developed a national sales representative network and cultivated the IMC/Teddy brand name.

Through the years and through numerous acquisitions and consolidations including Hudson Food Service, Dietary Systems and Bayonne Stainless Products, IMC/Teddy solidified its position as a leading national manufacturer of stainless steel food service equipment. IMC/Teddy implemented several efficiency drives combining all operations into a single office/manufacturing facility and refined its focus to a defined catalog of flat stainless steel food service equipment products, discontinuing the made-to-order business and several tangential product lines.

Our motto is: “Quality you can Trust” and our mission is to Protect your Reputation.

Located in Amityville, NY, IMC/Teddy’s facility houses a full suite of state of the art Amada machine tools (Laser, CNC Press Brake and Pega). Also, sharing the space are some of the country’s finest engineers, welders, and polishers known for their innovative design and craftsmanship.

IMC/Teddy maintains strong relationships with both its factory and administrative team members. The shop is represented by the Sheet Metal Workers’ Union International. However, IMC/Teddy operates as a family business. Therefore, IMC/Teddy has been able to retain employees for long tenures who take pride in their craftsmanship and service. Many of IMC/Teddy’s family members have been with IMC/Teddy since it’s early days, and several are even second generation employees.

IMC/Teddy’s products are proudly made in the United States of America using the highest quality steel. You can find IMC/Teddy’s products via AutoQuotes, KCL, Global Industries, Culinary Depot & Central Restaurant. IMC/Teddy also markets through a nationwide network of manufacturer representatives.

Whenever you choose IMC/Teddy products, you can be sure of fault-free, quality manufactured products and worry-free customer service, delivery, and after-sales support. We deliver with excellence and will never let you down.