Lasering Department

IMC’s laser department is the 1st stop in creating quality food service equipment. Each flat sheet of stainless steel is put through an advanced Amada lasering machine where it is cut down to match an operator’s specifications. Our laser operates for 8 hours per day & is under human supervision at all times.

Brake Department


The brake department is the front line for all IMC manufacturing. Utilizing 3 highly advanced CNC brake presses, the team is able to achieve the most intricate & accurate bends possible. Our highly skilled technicians check each bend thoroughly – providing the utmost quality.

IMC’s floor trough grating is made up of smaller bar that is intricately cut using a high pressure pressing machine. Each cut is accurate & kept under strict guidelines for consistency. Hundreds of bar is proudly produced from these machines each day.

Welding Department

IMC’s welding department is responsible for finalizing the shape of your food service equipment. IMC only utilizes TIG welding for the most precise & strongest welds. Each piece is meticulously inspected for quality after it is finished.

Assembly Department

IMC’s assembly team brings together loose components & inserts them into one cohesive package. Large items such as doors & side splashes to small fasteners such as nuts & bolts are carefully integrated based on the project specs. The assembly team also tests for functionality & quality before passing over to polishing.

Polishing Department

IMC’s polishing department puts that final touch & shine on all products before it is shipped from the factory. IMC only uses a #4 brushed satin finish, although other finishes are available upon request. Each piece is 100% hand polished to perfection.

Shipping Department

The IMC shipping department ensures your food service equipment arrives on site in the best condition possible. Using a variety of crating & packaging techniques, our specialists guarantee a gentle transport from our factory to your destination.