Everything You Need to Know About IMC Dishtables

Dishtables are a staple of any commercial kitchen. Without them, there would be no place to hold pots, pans, dishes & other flatware. But, do you know the characteristics of them? 

Simply put, stainless steel dishtables are used to enhance the workflow of washing dishes and/or flatware in a commercial kitchen. They are specifically designed to integrate with commercial dishwashers. 

IMC Dishtables can have various shapes depending on your project requirements. Some are constructed straight while others are designed to be fitted into a corner. Some dishtables have an island design, where one end is turned out into the room rather than laid against a wall. 

There are two main types of dishtables found in all commercial kitchens today: soiled & clean. Let’s explore the differences between these as well as some other important details that you should know about. 


IMC Soiled & Clean Dishtables 

The first thing to note is that it is vital to have separate dishtables set up for soiled & clean dishes to avoid cross contamination. Consult your local health codes for additional information. 

A soiled dishtable is where dirty dishes are collected & organized for washing. A clean dishtable is where dishes are placed after they are cleaned until they are moved away. Almost all soiled & clean tables are sold in a set to complete the whole workflow with the dishwasher. 

Soiled dishtables usually come installed with a pre-rinse sink plus scrap basket for removing excess food particles. A scrap hole with a trash bin underneath the table may be used in lieu of a pre-rinse sink, if necessary. 

Clean dishtables have to be able to hold the racks of dishes that will be coming out of the dishwasher. With that being said, all clean dishtables must be the appropriate length. 


IMC Dishtable Construction 

Even though soiled & clean dishtables vary in function, all dishtables have rolled, raised edges to help surround liquids. Furthermore, all dishtables are 14 or 16 gauge type 304 stainless steel to help stand up to the day-in day-out abuse. 

Crossrails, which are stainless steel posts that run between the legs, are available to help add strength & stability. 

Any dishtable that is made to be placed against a wall should have a backsplash, though these vary in height from 8″ – 10″. 

Durable stainless steel legs & adjustable bullet feet can help make installation easy & come standard on all models. 



IMC Dishtables are some of the most highly customizable pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen. Purchasing the correct options & accessories will certainly shape the workflow in your dish room.

Some dishtables are manufactured with undershelves built in, providing extra storage for dish racks, or other equipment. Conversely, a wall mounted rack shelf may be installed above the dishtable for extra storage. 

During the pre-rinse process, food scraps may cause a blockage or clog. To counteract this, you can outfit your dishtable with a scrap block or a scrap basket. A scrap basket, in particular, is situated inside the pre-rinse sink itself & includes bars along the top to slide food racks over as you rinse. 


Knowing Your Dish Room Layout 

Because these tables are meant to streamline the dish washing experience, it is important to know the layout of your dish room before you purchase tables. More specifically, IMC dishtables can be configured for left-to-right or right-to-left operations & are also available in straight, corner & island designs as mentioned before.

Be aware of how your dish washing process will start & end. Most importantly, take note which side of each table your dishwasher will be on. Knowing the correct width & length of your desired dishtable is crucial.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture both soiled & clean dishtables to organize your dirty & clean dishes/flatware. Available in straight, corner & island shapes, we aim to make your dish washing experience seamless & efficient. Plus, all dishtables are customizable with an assortment of options available to fit your application needs. Call our engineers to help design your dish room. Check out our array of dishtable offerings here.

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