Here’s 3 Reasons Why Worktables are Effective Against COVID-19

It’s a fact that restaurants have completely changed the way business is done due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many restaurants are switching to a new strategy in order to make ends meet. That strategy is the shift over to takeout & delivery orders. But, with such a high demand for takeout & delivery, you will need more space for food prep & preparing orders. Here’s where IMC stainless steel worktables come into play.

In this article we will explore the 3 major ways how IMC stainless steel worktables are helping restaurants all over the world combat COVID-19. Let’s begin.

1. Stainless Steel Worktables are Safe

In this new era of increased safety & hygiene, IMC stainless steel worktables fit the bill perfectly. In a commercial kitchen environment, it works even better.

 That’s because stainless steel is easier to sanitize as it has a nonporous surface. The even surface of the stainless steel is simple to keep sanitary, whether you are just scrubbing the table by hand, or spraying it down with a pressure washer & soap.

Why does this matter? It matters because your customers trust & expect that you’re handling their food items with the utmost safety & care. IMC stainless steel worktables are just one way to ensure that you can achieve this goal flawlessly.

As a bonus, stainless steel worktables are also eco-friendly, thanks to its recyclability & non-corrosive surface.

2. Stainless Steel Worktables are Sturdy

Restaurants are generally fast paced & rarely see a slowdown, especially during peaking hours. With the recent focus on takeout & delivery, restaurants are experiencing an overwhelming demand. In the hustle & bustle, no employee wants to worry about potentially shoddy equipment that may hinder & stop the production flow.

IMC stainless steel worktables are more than capable of handling the high volume environment. Wood & plastic worktables tend to decay over time & they are simply not ideal for potentially chaotic commercial kitchens.

IMC worktables have stainless steel gussets, stable-balanced legs & are made of 14 or 16 gauge steel which means they can hold more weight. They are the perfect choice for creating more surface area for assembling to go orders & storing packaging.

3. Stainless Steel Worktables are Customizable

IMC worktables are some of the most customizable pieces of equipment in the market. You can potentially turn a standard table into a customized station for increased throughput. Here are some of the most popular options:

One of the most common options available is an undershelf. An undershelf is an excellent option for storing small items & keeping them at arm’s length.

A drawer can come in handy when you want to store small appliances or utensils like knives. You can even equip your worktable with multiple drawers, with each one holding a specific type of item.

Casters are a great addition for any type of worktable, allowing you to easily move around your unit. If you want to keep your worktable stationary, casters are available with brakes so the units cannot be moved. Casters also let you move your worktable out of the way to clean the surrounding space.

Casters are especially useful in outdoor dining areas to store dishes, glassware, sanitary products, etc.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture a variety of different worktables to help your business through this new normal of better safety & hygiene. Model #WT is our standard flat top worktable, model #WT1 features a 1½” backsplash, model #WTB features a 6″ backsplash, model #WTBC has a 6″ backsplash with crossrails & model #FW is a unique filler table for closing those pesky gaps. For more information on IMC worktables, click here.

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