Top 4 Stainless Steel Products for Your Salad Bar

Salads are one of the most popular dishes in the United States. According to a recent study, 62% of Americans incorporate salad into their regular diet & the average American eats four salads every week. Because of this, salad bars remain a dining staple across the country. However, your salad bar is only as good as the equipment you use. This is especially true of stainless steel equipment.

In this article, we’ll give you 4 essential salad bar products to consider for your operations. This will include IMC products & specifications. Let’s jump right in.

1. Tray & Silverware Counters

Before selecting salad items at the bar, you will need the proper tableware to get started. This is where tray & silverware counters come into play. These counters act as a safe storage place for all of your forks, knives, spoons & trays.

IMC Model #TSCL is the perfect item for holding all wares & trays for your service. The product is constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel with a 14-gauge frame & an 18-gauge apron.

TSCL comes with an 18-gauge stainless steel all welded silverware enclosure. Along with this is a self-leveling tray dispenser that is fully adjustable. Casters are standard for maximum mobility.  Here’s a visual look below:

 2. Cold Food Counters

According to the FDA, vegetables & other leafy greens must be stored at 41° F (5 °C) or less to reduce the risk of pathogen growth. In order to achieve this, you will need specially designed counters to maintain that cool temperature. Cold food counters are just the ticket.

Installing a cold food counter is the most practical way to store & display your salad food items. Using different vegetables & fruits, you can create an eye-catching presentation for your patrons. You may also need more than one cold food counter to complete your entire arrangement.

IMC offers two cold food counters that are suitable for salad bars, Model #CFCR & Model #CRBC.

CFCR includes a fully integrated refrigerated cold pan. The refrigeration unit is self contained with a compressor & copper coils, all secured to the underside. The unit includes on/off switch, pilot light & 5’ long cord & plug. The unit can be fitted with 2-6 ice pans, depending on your application. The refrigerated unit keeps cold air pumping into the ice pans for a constant flow.

For large & high traffic salad bars, we recommend considering Model #CRBC. CRBC is IMC’s premiere cold food counter. The unit is fully equipped with a mechanical refrigeration unit, cold pan & stainless steel panels welded to the framework. The refrigerated compartment is cooled with a blower which is designed to maintain & contain food product for continuous storage. The unit is designed for the longest possible storage of cold food for extended periods of times.

Here’s a closer look below at both counters below:

3. Condiment Counters

Salad would not be complete without dressing & seasonings. Specially designed condiment counters are the perfect way to organize your dressings & make them easily accessible to patrons. Assigning a specific area for condiments helps to keep your meal service running smoothly & quickly. If diners had to hunt for condiments, meal service would slow down dramatically.

IMC Model #CNC is designed to act as a central hub for all of your condiments, large or small. CNC’s top is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel & the frame is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel. Both utilize type 300 series stainless steel. Have a look below:

4. Beverage Counters

After mixing up your favorite ingredients to make the perfect salad, it’s time to pick a drink. Beverage counters are the ideal product for this. Beverage counters provide not only a tabletop work surface, they also grant additional storage below. They are ideal for storing beverage glasses & other beverage tools such as strainers or straws.

IMC Model #BVC is an attractive stainless steel beverage counter solution. BVC’s top is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel & the frame is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel. Both utilize type 300 series stainless steel. The unit includes a standard 6″ backsplash to keep your walls looking clean & tidy.

Have a look at the spotlight below:

IMC understands the importance of having a full service salad bar in your food establishment. Having the correct stainless steel equipment will only accelerate & elevate your operations. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here..

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