Understanding IMC Portable Soak Sinks

An IMC mobile soak sink is the perfect addition to any commercial facility such as a restaurant, school cafeteria, or other busy washing area. IMC Portable soak sinks provide vital washing capacity without having to install a stationary sink unit. They’re also ideal for cleaning up after outdoor events like banquets or receptions. 

While they might not seem incredibly important at first glance, mobile sinks can make it much easier for you to keep your facility sanitary as you go.

In this article, we will explore the major uses of IMC mobile soak sinks & take a look at the convenience factor associated with them. Let’s get started.

What Are They Used For?

Constructed from type 300 series stainless steel, IMC mobile soak sinks are designed for durability with corrosive-resistant materials. With so many opportunities to get things cleaned up & stored while on the go, these mobile sinks are primarily used for soaking dirty silverware, dishes, or other small wares prior to washing.

IMC mobile soak sinks have 8”, 12”, or 14″ deep bowls, with each one adding the appropriate level of depth for a mobile sink. This will allow you to get the whole sink set up in a shorter amount of time, meeting your needs & requirements. 

The Convenience Factor

Simply put, an IMC portable soak sink allows you to bring your water & washing materials anywhere they need to be, whether it’s inside or outside the facility. They are a useful choice for transport, allowing for easier & more effective cleaning & care of all items that come up as you work throughout the day. Mobility is key.

IMC mobile soak sinks can also serve as an additional utility sink, allowing you to move it around the kitchen, dishwashing room, or anywhere else you’re looking to clean.

Swivel casters with brakes allow you to keep the sinks in place or easily maneuver them where you need to work. An important option to consider is a detachable silverware chute which makes it easy to push silverware off the table & down the chute into the sink, allowing for a fast cleanup. Mobile soak sinks can also be equipped with corner bumpers, which prevent hard collisions with doors & walls.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture two varieties of mobile soak sinks: MSK & UCS. The MSK model is primarily used for silverware soaking. MSK includes marine edges, crossrails, a standard lever drain & casters (2) with brakes. The UCS model includes a twist lever drain & is shorter in height compared to the MSK model. Additionally, the lower height of the UCS model allows the unit to be stored under a worktable. All IMC soak sinks have custom sizes available. For our undercounter & soak sink lineup, click here.

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