3 Reasons to Consider a Condiment Counter for Your Business

Condiments come in a variety of shapes & sizes. Sauces, creams, syrups & dressings are some of the most common. But, organizing & making them readily accessible can be a daunting task for some establishments. Surely, there must be available equipment that can solve this problem?

In this article, we’ll break down IMC’s own condiment counter & give you 3 reasons to consider one for your operation. Let’s jump in.

Model #CNC – A Home Base for Your Condiments

Model #CNC is designed to act as a central hub for all of your condiments, large or small. If you lay out condiments, you’re going to need a solid top. CNC’s top is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel & the frame is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel. Both utilize type 300 series stainless steel. Most condiment counters are made out of wood or plastic, which does not compare to the strength of stainless steel.

As an added feature, CNC has an all welded silverware enclosure with provisions for cutlery cylinders. This means you can stack up your condiments & silverware, all in one unit. CNC’s length varies from 35″ – 92″. As the length increases, the number of silverware cylinders increases as well from 10 – 30. Custom lengths are also available.

For mobility, the unit features 5″ heavy duty swiveling casters. The unit also comes standard with an undershelf for storing your extra supplies & items.

If you are servicing a high volume area, multiple units may be needed to keep up with the demand. CNC comes standard with an interlocking device, which can be used to join multiple units together to create a fleet of modular counters.

Let’s break down CNC below:

Here’s Some Considerations

So, why do you need them in your facility exactly? Let’s look below:

1. Organization – Having condiments on random tables is not intuitive & a recipe for disaster. Condiments can easily get lost & mixed in with other items causing confusion. A condiment counter solves this by encouraging a neat placement of all condiments in one central location.

2. Designation – Assigning a specific area for condiments helps to keep your meal service running smoothly & quickly. If patrons had to hunt for condiments, meal service would slow down dramatically. Having all of your condiments on one unit is a smart choice for boosting your throughput.

3. Versatility – Condiment counters equipped with casters can be moved indoors or outdoors easily. This is useful for outdoor restaurants or banquets. When an event has concluded, the condiment counter can simply be wheeled inside for storage and/or cleaning. Condiment counters can also be customized extensively based on your application requirements.

IMC/Teddy understands that condiments can become scrambled or lost. A dedicated condiment counter alleviates this problem by acting as a safe haven for your items.  For a closer look at IMC’s condiment counter, click here.

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