An In-Depth Guide on IMC Floor Trough Strainers

We’ve received many inquiries over the years regarding IMC floor troughs & strainers. In particular, we’ve been asked, “What is the best pairing of strainer & floor trough?” The answer is quite complex, but we’re here to shed some light.

In this article, we will break down the main functions of a strainer & then give a quick pairing guide for IMC floor troughs & strainers. Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need a Strainer?

First, you may be asking, “What’s so special about a strainer, anyway?” Believe it or not, a strainer is just as important as the floor trough it is attached to. If no strainer is used, the effects on your pipes & sewer lines can be catastrophic.

The truth of the matter is pipe blockages can easily become a costly & unsanitary issue in any commercial facility. However, a strainer is designed to prevent any of these problems from creeping up.

In essence, a strainer helps in containing large food scraps & other debris before they go down your floor trough. Not to mention they are easy to remove for quick & convenient cleaning, so maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Floor Trough & Strainer Pairing Guide

Beehive Strainer – This 18-gauge strainer is our most popular & paired with the most floor troughs in our catalog. All beehive strainers come with a retainer clip to keep it snug & secure in the trough. Take a look at it below: 

The beehive strainer is paired with the following IMC floor trough models:

1. CFT – 16-Gauge, 4” Deep Standard Floor Trough

2. FWR – 16-Gauge, 4″ Deep Floor Water Receptacle

3. IDFD – 16-Gauge, 6½” Deep Indirect Drain/Floor Sink

4. FDSS – 16-Gauge, 4″ Deep Floor Drain Sump Sink

5. FMT – 16-Gauge, 1¼” Deep Flush Mounted Floor Trough

6. FTC – 16-Gauge, 4″ Deep Corner Floor Trough


Basket Strainer – This 16-gauge strainer features a deep, round bowl with a horizontal handle for easy removal. IMC basket strainers can also be equipped with a cover or a pull-out handle & chain. Here’s a standard one below: 

The basket strainer is paired with the following IMC floor trough models:

1. FT – 14-Gauge, 4″ Deep Standard Floor Trough

2. ASFT – 14-Gauge, 6″ Deep Anti-Spill Floor Trough

3. SFT – 14-Gauge, 2″ Deep Shallow Floor Trough

4. LFT – 14-Gauge, 4″ Deep Ledgeless Design Floor Trough 


Perforated Strainer – This 16-gauge strainer is flat & acts as a netting for dirt/debris. It’s best suited for smaller diameter drains. The perforated strainer also features a retainer clip for secure placement. Check it out below: 

The perforated strainer is paired with the following IMC floor trough models:

1. NWR – 16-Gauge, 1″ Deep 6” Floor Water Receptacle

2. TRE – 14-Gauge, 4″ Deep Trench Drain System 


What About Optional Strainers?

While the above strainers are standard, there are two unique strainers that IMC offers – both of which are optional based on the size & shape of your floor trough drain. Here’s a quick highlight:

Model #BBS Basket Beehive Strainer – Combines both the beehive & the basket strainer for a durable, comprehensive draining solution.

Model #BXD Box Type Drain – If your IMC floor trough drain is square, you’ll need to pair a box type drain with it. The box type drain also has a horizontal bar for easy removal.

At IMC/Teddy, our strainers are bound to withstand the wear & tear of everyday use. We believe that keeping your pipes & sewer lines clear is essential for maintaining a safe & sanitary work environment. Avoid a hairy situation & equip your IMC floor trough with the appropriate strainer. For a closer look at our floor troughs & gratings, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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