A Simple Guide on How to Maintain an IMC Storage Cabinet

Storage cabinets serve two primary purposes: secure & organize your most valuable possessions. In a commercial setting, this is pivotal as daily activities are carried out with haste & small items can pile up in the blink of an eye. However, as with most equipment, regular maintenance is in order for these cabinets. What should you be on the look out for when caring for your storage cabinet?

In this article, we will go over 4 key maintenance tips so your storage cabinet remains in the best shape possible. Let’s begin.

1. Inspect the Doors

IMC storage cabinets can come with hinged or sliding doors.

For the hinged type, open & close the door(s) & inspect for a smooth travel. Test to see if the door(s) open & close fully. Check all the hinge pins for any damage. If you hear a “popping” noise coming from the hinges, you can lubricate them using a multi-purpose lithium grease or silicone spray.

For sliding type, make sure the doors are secure on the track & straight. Check the bottom track piece for any damage or misalignment. Here’s a picture of the track piece for reference:

If your cabinet is equipped with a lock, check the locking pin on the bottom center of the cabinet. Make sure there are no obstructions.

Finally, check the door handles. Ensure that the handles can be operated smoothly & firmly. If door handle is malfunctioning, removal of the backplate & inspection may be required.

2. Inspect Interior Shelving

IMC storage cabinets come with 5 adjustable interior shelves. Make sure each of these shelves are level & have reasonable space between each other. Most importantly, check the four shelf clips holding your shelf in place. Are they secure to the pilasters? Are you missing a shelf clip? Is the shelf able to withstand the typical weight without wobbling?

3. A Level Cabinet is a Useful Cabinet

Everyone’s worst fear is a storage cabinet (especially one made of stainless steel) tipping over – potentially causing injury & damage. To combat this, it is absolutely vital to make sure your cabinet is steady with no shakiness whatsoever. How can this be achieved?

First, detach the cabinet from the wall. All IMC cabinets actually come with a square levelers underneath the base by the toe kick. Adjust each leveler so the cabinet is stable & the threat of a tipover is eliminated. If your cabinet is equipped with legs, the feet are adjustable. Once you are certain the cabinet is stable, you can secure it to the wall again using a power drill & 2-4 screws. For tips on cabinet installation, check here.

4. As Always, Wash Regularly

Even though storage cabinets are not directly involved in food prep or facility hygiene, they should be treated with utmost care. That means regularly wiping down not only the exterior, but the interior as well.

Don’t forgot to clean the doors & interior shelves. Clear up any fingerprints or spots on any glass doors. Remember to avoid using cleaners with chloride & don’t use abrasive tools. For a complete stainless steel cleaning guide, check out IMC’s rundown here.

Overall, maintenance for your IMC storage cabinet should be a simple affair. The most important items to remember is to ensure the cabinet is level, clean & the locks are operating correctly. For IMC’s complete cabinet lineup, click here.

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