Commonly Asked Questions About Angle Frame Scale Stands

Commercial scales are a common staple in kitchen environments. They are crucial for precisely weighing food/ingredients so you can maintain constant serving sizes to control costs. They are also useful for notifying how much to charge a customer when selling items by weight. The benefits are clear, which makes scales a must in every kit.

However, many commercial scales can be bulky & hard to maneuver. This is where angle frame scale stands really shine.

In this article, we’ll give 4 of the most common questions asked about angle frame scale stands & present you our answers. Let’s jump right in with question #1.

1. Do I Really Need One?

Let’s approach this question in two ways:

1. If your business relies on weighing ingredients (such as delis or bakeries), an angle frame scale stand will be a vital component in accommodating your heavy duty scales. Angle frame scale stands have the job of making increasing your productivity ultimately.

2. If you have a large scale business that requires transportation of your scale, an angle frame scale stand is pretty much a necessity. Most large commercial scales do not come equipped with casters or a reliable form of transportation so you’ll need a stable base to set them atop.

Remember: the goal is keep your expensive scale off the floor. Also, your commercial scale should not have to use up valuable worktable space.

2. What Size Scale Can an Angle Frame Scale Stand Accommodate?

IMC’s standard model #STS measures 16 3⁄8″W x 25″L x 30″H. However, we know not all scales are sized the same. With that said, IMC can customize our angle frame scale stand to fit your specific scale model #. This takes the guesswork out of any size issues & you’ll have a truly dedicated stand for your scale.

3. Is It Mobile?

Harkening back to question 1, one of the many benefits of an angle frame scale stand is it enables mobility. We understand that transporting your scale is key, so all angle frame scale stands produced by IMC come standard with casters (2 are equipped with brakes).

4. How Much Weight Can It Hold?

IMC angle frame scale stands are constructed from 14-gauge Type 304 stainless steel & 1½” x 1½” angle frames. It is also reinforced with crossrails for extra rigidity.

The standard size angle frame scale stand can comfortably hold up to 250 lbs, but remember that this can be adjusted based on your specific scale model.

Stainless steel equipment should make your daily operations easier & yield better results. An angle frame scale stand is just one companion piece to support this.  For more information on Model #STS, click here.

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