Commonly Asked Questions About Cabinets

Cabinets are a staple of any kitchen or commercial space. After all, they play an important role of organizing & storing your most valuable items & ingredients when not use. But, as with most items in the food service industry, many different types exist. With so many cabinets in play, it can be become a confusing landscape. We’re here to clear the air.

In this article, we’ll answer 5 of the most burning questions about IMC cabinet products & provide you with helpful resources for your future reference. We’ll be considering three types of cabinets for this article – base cabinetswall cabinets & storage cabinetsLet’s kick it off with question #1.

1. What kind of cabinet do I really need?

This is the most common question & the answer is most dependent on the space you have & your application. To keep things simple, follow this quick guide:

a. Floor Space – if you have plenty of walkable space, consider a storage cabinet or a base cabinet. If floor space is limited, consider a wall cabinet.

b. Capacity – Storage cabinets will no doubt hold the most amount of items. Consider this if you have a large number of products to hold.

c. Need Extra Prep Space? – Base cabinets will be the best bet if you need the utility of an extra prep/work space thanks to the flat top. Base cabinets can also be outfitted with extra drawers or a countertop for even more versatility.

2. About the doors – what options do I have?

IMC offers 3 door types – open front, hinged & sliding. 

a. Open Front – Suitable if you need to reach for item’s constantly or if security is not an issue. Offers the best visibility of your belongings also.

b. Hinged – The traditional swing door type which can be locked. Useful for most applications.

c. Sliding – If space is limited where you cannot swing open a hinged door, a sliding door will alleviate this problem. Sliding doors also give your cabinet a sleek, stylish feel. Can also be locked.

Here’s a visual look:

3. Ok, so if I choose a door – should it be solid or glass?

The answer will come down to visibility & aesthetics. If you want the convenience of looking into your cabinet to see all the items & how they are organized, a glass door will be the perfect fit. However, the issue of security may crop up as it will be hard to keep these belongings away from prying eyes. Glass cabinets also look more professional & give a different feel to your overall space.

If you need the best security & want to go the traditional route, solid doors are certainly capable.

4. About mounting & installation – what is the right way of doing this?

Let’s start off with wall cabinets as they can be the trickiest. After all, stainless steel wall cabinets can be weigh well over 100 pounds so proper installation is key. The best way of mounting your wall cabinet is to use wood blocks to gauge the height of your wall cabinet & then drilling through the back of the cabinet into the blocks. We have a detailed installation guide that can be found here.

For storage cabinets, making them level to the floor & flat against the wall is the most important thing to remember. Drilling screws through the back of the storage cabinet is also necessary. A storage cabinet installation guide can be found here.

Regarding base cabinets – if they are standalone, make sure it is even with the floor & not wobbly. If you are installing a base cabinet with a countertop, it can be a bit more involved. The most important thing to remember is to tightly secure the countertop to the cabinet using the hat channels provided. Finally, be sure the countertop is level & silicone any gaps for a uniform look. The IMC base cabinet guide can be found here.

5. What about the corners of my area? How do I fill them in?

IMC manufactures corner wall & base cabinet solutions to fill in the dead corner spaces of your work space. 

Corner base cabinet BC-C series is offered with the open front or hinged door styles & the interior is fitted with 1 stainless steel adjustable shelf. A built-in 3″ toe space is integral.

Corner wall cabinet OC-C series is offered with a flat or sloped top with open front or hinged door styles. The interior is fitted with 1 fixed stainless steel shelf & also comes with a 3″ toe space.

IMC understands the importance of having cabinets in your lineup to aid your storage & security needs. With so many styles of cabinets available, IMC is prepared to find one to perfectly fit your day-to-day activities. To learn more about how IMC’s cabinet lineup, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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