Everything You Need to Know About IMC Utensil/Can Washers

In commercial kitchen environments, the need to clean & sanitize equipment is unending. Throughout the day, pots, cans & utensils pile up, & the job of the commercial dishwasher is ongoing. 

To combat this, heavily soiled utensils & cans can be cleaned more quickly & effectively with equipment designed for these items. Not only are pot, can & utensil washers cost-effective for high volume kitchens, but they ultimately streamline the cleaning process.

How Do IMC Utensil/Can Washers Work?

At IMC/Teddy, we offer two varieties of utensil/can washers: DL-2 & DL20-1. Let’s take a look at the major features of both can washers. 

DL-2 Utensil/Can Washer & Sanitizer & DL20-1 Utility Sink & Can Washer

  • Constructed of 16GA type 300 series stainless steel
  • Coved wash basin with 1″ OD Tubular Equipment Supports
  • Fully integrated outer shell with a 12” high backsplash
  • Flexible 44” long stainless steel hose & brush spray head mounted on top of backsplash
  • Perforated scrap drawer collects solid waste for periodic disposal
  • Double foot pedal valve controls heavy duty nozzle spray (360° revolving cleaning pattern)
  • Bottom drains to a 2” waste outlet
  • Mounted on adjustable stainless steel legs
  • The DL20-1 (pictured above) features a utility sink on the left side of the wash basin, which holds & dries cans & washed utensils.

So, What Are the Overall Benefits Really?

The compact design along with multiple features of both DL-2 & DL20-1 are ideal for cleaning & washing all large & medium sized utensils/cans/pots. The main faucet is used for pot filling or cleaning. The spray brush head helps loosen sol­id waste. The built-in nozzle spray head at the bottom provides a powerful cleaning cycle. The scrap tray captures any solid particles & can be easily emptied & cleaned.

The main goal of IMC utensil/can washers is to save significantly on staff labor used to hand-scrub tough baked-on food remains. IMC Utensil/can washers can improve your overall operational efficiency, save your staff & operators valuable time & reduce costs associated with cleaning & sanitation.

Both DL2 & DL20-1 can be outfitted with a multitude of options. These options include a can washer faucet, seismic bolt down legs, side splashes, 72″ long hose (instead of the standard 44″) & utility shelves among others. For our full can washer lineup, click here.

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