Everything You Need to Know About IMC’s Tray & Silverware Counter

Trays & silverware are two essential elements of any cafeteria or buffet operation. On top of that, you’ll need dedicated equipment to house these important items for distribution & collection. Although smaller tray & silverware dispensers do exist, large counters are also available for more robust applications. This is where IMC Model #TSC comes into play.

In this article, we’ll break down IMC’s flagship tray & silverware counter & then compare/contrast this to similar dispensers. Let’s start.

Model #TSC – Next Level Organization for Trays & Silverware

Model #TSC is IMC’s premier counter specifically designed for housing trays & silverware. The unit is constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel & the frame is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel. Both utilize type 300 series stainless steel. Some other counters of this type usually have an open back & no sides. IMC’s counter is fully enclosed on the back & sides to enhance stability.

Two main components make up TSC:

1. Silverware Holder – All welded enclosure with provisions for ⅓ size pans. TSC can accommodate 5-9 pans depending on your configuration.

2. Tray Enclosure – Essentially, an undershelf is built into the unit to store your 14″ x 18″ trays.

Both of these features combine to give you a fleshed out counter complete with casters for easy maneuvering around the facility.

As with all other IMC modular serving systems, the options are plentiful. Some popular options to take into consideration include: trays slides (for extra workspace & convenience for your patrons), sneeze guards (boosts safety & sanitation) & a correctional package (switches the construction to an all-welded, tamper-proof design, useful for preventing theft). This is just a small taste of the many options available. Configure yours to meet your application needs.

Here’s a visual look below:

Do You Need a Dispenser or a Counter?

As mentioned earlier, smaller dispensers (such as IMC’s Model #TRDC) can also organize & store your trays & silverware. However, there is one crucial difference between dispensers & counters which should be considered: capacity.

Tray & silverware counters, like TSC, can hold more items at any given time. Think of them as a personal home base. Dispensers simply cannot hold as many trays & silverware due to the smaller form factor.

If you constantly experience high volume during your meal service, a fully fledged counter (TSC) would be a better investment. After all, running out of trays or silverware during peak meal service hours can be a critical mistake & should be avoided. If you have a smaller operation or do not see as much volume throughout the day, a dispenser (TRDC) might be the sensible choice. The key is to plan ahead & anticipate the amount of business you will conduct in a typical day.

IMC/Teddy understands that trays & silverware need a proper home during meal service. A dedicated, sizable counter can be your best bet to keep things tidy & organized in a potentially chaotic environment.  For a closer look at IMC’s tray & silverware counter, click here.

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