Freestanding Hand Sinks – What’s the Advantage?

Hand sinks are a quintessential piece of equipment in maintaining facility hygiene. They are mandatory for every facility, so it’s something you cannot go without. However, the choice to incorporate a wall mounted or freestanding hand sink will come down to several factors. Do freestanding hand sinks have a clear advantage over the wall mounted type?

In this article, we’ll detail out the 3 distinct advantages of installing a freestanding hand sink in your facility. We’ll then go through several IMC freestanding hand sinks to aid you on your journey. Let’s jump right in.

1. The Look

Freestanding hand sinks have their own base, so they can be situated near any water source. The base itself can cover up all plumbing/piping giving a smooth, neat appearance. Contrast this with a wall mounted hand sink where piping can be fully seen underneath the hand sink.

Pairing your freestanding hand sink with a foot pedal valve adds an even sleeker appearance while hindering the spread of germs & disease. An electronic faucet can also be used with free standing hand sinks to boost the aesthetic.

An integrated towel dispenser can also be implemented, creating a complete hand washing station for anyone to use.

2. Storage Options

Since freestanding hand sinks come with their own base, they can be optioned with a hinged door & a shelf for extra storage to keep things tidy. An integral waste can is also available in place of the storage shelf for garbage disposal.

3. Easier to Clean

As a freestanding sink stands directly on the floor, there’s no need to clean underneath it. This cuts down on your cleaning time, leaving you free to spend on other tasks. Contrast this with a wall mounted hand sink where the underside of the sink & floor needs to constantly be cleaned & the pipes must be maintained as well.

The IMC/Teddy Advantage

Now that you know why freestanding hand sinks can prove useful, let’s take a look at a selection of IMC sinks that fit the bill. It should be noted that every IMC free standing hand sink has abuse resistant features, such as an integral apron, multi-point mounting surfaces & high quality faucets. All of these sinks are hands-free ready as well.

CSB – Full Size Floor

CSB is the traditional free standing hand sink with a full size floor. The full size floor is mechanically attached to the apron & fully encloses all plumbing for a sleek, modern look. For quick access to the plumbing components, a removable panel is provided. Here’s a complete spotlight below: 

CSF – Pedestal Base

CSF is a free standing hand sink with an additional pedestal base mechanically attached to underside of bowl. With a slimmer base, the sink has less footprint, which is ideal for areas where space is tight. Here’s a look:


CSO – Octagon Base

CSO is a free standing hand sink that sits on an octagon base, which is constructed of 18GA type 300 stainless steel. Octagon shape adds style to any space. Take a peek below:

 MHS – Moon Hand Sink

MHS is IMC’s newest free standing hand sink that is capable of accommodating up to 4 faucets for high volume areas. This means you do not need multiple free standing hand sinks to be installed, saving you valuable floor space. Check it out:

For your facility, consider the above advantages of installing a free standing hand sink for your staff & patrons. Maintaining hygiene & cleanliness should be the top priority, hand sinks are the best way of achieving this. For a complete look at all IMC free standing hand sink models, click here.

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