IMC Commercial Worktables – Everything You Need to Know

Stainless steel worktables are some of the most common & essential pieces of equipment found in every commercial facility. However, choosing the correct worktable(s) for your business is key to your facility’s efficiency.

IMC Worktables come in a variety of sizes with an assortment of options, including undershelves, drawers, & backsplashes, & can have square, rolled, or marine (no-drip) edges to accommodate your needs.

Furthermore, the correct layout of worktables can make all the difference between a kitchen that’s optimized for efficiency & one that’s filled with discouraged staff. Ultimately, each worktable serves a different purpose in organizing your business.

Let’s explore the ins & outs of worktables.


As mentioned, worktables have a healthy amount of customizable options available to fit the needs of your business. Let’s explore some of the most vital options that you can equip:


One of the most common options available. The choice to include an undershelf with your worktable will primarily depend on the demands of your operation. Simply put, an undershelf is an excellent option for storing small items. However, if you plan on keeping items underneath your worktable, you may want to skip out on an undershelf & keep an open base instead.


Also another common option. Outfitting your worktable with a backsplash is a good idea if you plan on positioning your worktable up against a wall. A  backsplash will protect your wall & floor from splashes & debris, making cleanup much more manageable. The height of the backsplash can also be customized to fit your needs.

Edge Types

Here’s a quick lesson on the types of edges you will encounter on your search for a worktable:

  •      Square Edges: If you plan on situating multiple worktables next to each other, a square edge will be your best bet.
  •      Rolled Edges: If you want easy cleanup, you can’t go wrong with a rolled edge.
  •      Marine (no-drip) Edges: A ridge around the perimeter of the work surface is fabricated, acting as a block for any drips.

Best piece of advice about worktable edges: choose an edge that will make sense based on the layout of your facility.


A drawer can come in handy when you want to store small appliances or utensils like knives. You can even equip your worktable with multiple drawers, with each one holding a specific type of item. For added security, you can equip your drawer(s) with a lock to safeguard your items.

Integral Sinks

For even more added convenience & productivity, an integrated sink can be a great addition to your worktable. Turning your worktable into a mini washing/cleaning/prep station can be a smart choice. For example, an integrated sink with a shallow bowl can be used to rinse vegetables & fruits.

Table Mounted Shelves

An undershelf is great, but what about an overshelf? For added versatility, a table mounted shelf is a great option for storing items above the table. Overshelves can be designed as a one-tier or two-tier configuration based on your needs.

 A pot rack with pot hooks can also be mounted above your worktable to accommodate your fine cookware. This allows you to arrange your cookware to prevent stacking damage.


Casters are a great addition for any type of worktable, allowing you to easily move around your unit. If you want to keep your worktable stationary, casters are available with brakes so the units cannot be moved. Casters also let you move your worktable out of the way to clean the surrounding space.

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture a variety of stainless steel worktables. Each worktable is constructed from type 300 series stainless steel & available in 14 or 16 gauge. A variety of styles/options are available to suit your project requirements & parameters. For more information, check out our worktable product line here.

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