IMC Corner Equipment: What’s the Purpose?

Most stainless steel food service equipment is designed to lay flat against the wall or floor for a flush appearance. However, there is specially designed equipment that is solely meant to utilize the corner parts of your work area. But, why would you need this type of equipment in the first place?

In this article, we’ll look at the true purpose of IMC corner equipment & give you a list of concrete examples to give you a better idea. Let’s begin.

IMC Corner Equipment: The Real Benefit

In any commercial environment, especially a kitchen, space is a limited resource. The method in which you develop & use that space can be a determining factor in productivity. If the work area is too cluttered, productivity will dramatically decrease. If the work area is too open, chances are you may be missing some vital equipment to operate your business efficiently.

IMC corner equipment has one main advantage: save valuable floor & wall space. Using this equipment allows you to make the most out of that dead corner space. The ultimate result is better efficiency & results for your business.

IMC corner equipment falls into three main categories: Storage/Organization Equipment, Hygienic/Washing Equipment & Floor Troughs. Let’s break these down below.

IMC Corner Storage/Organization Equipment

These include your basic shelving, cabinets & counters. Storing & organizing your wares or tools is a fundamental part of any commercial facility. No business can operate effectively with items sprawled out all over tables, the floor, ovens, etc. You’ll need dedicated shelving & cabinets to keep things tidy. Here’s a look at some models pertaining to storage & organization:

IMC Corner Hygienic/Washing Equipment

In the new normal, washing your hands & keeping your facility clean is paramount. Loading up your commercial facility with hand sinks, utility sinks, scullery sinks, dishtables, etc. promotes hygiene & keeps your facility sanitary. Staff & patron health should be at the forefront of every business’ mind. With that said, utilizing the dead corner space of your work area is a smart decision. Here’s a look at some hygienic/washing equipment models:

Yes, IMC Manufactures a Corner Floor Trough Now

Introduced in October 2020, IMC is now manufacturing a unique corner floor trough for draining those hard to reach areas. If you are seeing liquid buildup in the corner areas of your workspace, model #FTC-30 will be your best companion, all while promoting safety & hygiene. FTC-30 is also useful for filling in those blank areas & making the most out of your available floor space. Here’s a look at the trough with & without the signature perforated grating:

At IMC/Teddy, we understand that your commercial facility needs to make the most out of the given space. With IMC corner equipment, the corner spaces can finally be put to good use. For more on IMC cabinets, click here. For more on IMC hand sinks, click here.


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