IMC Free Standing Hand Sinks: Your Weapon Against Illness

We’ve spoken before about Model #HS, IMC’s signature free standing hand sink. But, we want to highlight some of the other economical free standing hand sinks that we have in our catalog & give you a brief rundown of the defining features, differences & uses.


Because handwashing should be done frequently & you’ll need the right equipment to perform the task. To fight against germs & bacteria, you will need to be armed with the right weapons. This is especially true in a high volume, busy commercial facility where cleanliness & safety is the #1 priority.

In this article, we’ll explore three (3) main IMC free standing hand sinks & pinpoint the value of each one. Let’s begin.

A Note About IMC Free Standing Hand Sinks

It should be mentioned that IMC Free Standing Hand Sinks are dual designed for institutional & commercial applications. More specifically, they are useful in kitchens & public areas. This is because every IMC free standing hand sink has abuse resistant features, such as an integral apron, multi-point mounting surfaces & high quality faucets.

All options are designed to make the sink suitable for a variety of locations throughout the facility, such as prep areas, administrative, receiving and shipping & public areas.

CSB – Full Size Floor

CSB is a free standing hand sink with a full size floor. The full size floor is mechanically attached to the apron & fully encloses all plumbing for a sleek, modern look. The seamless design protects against dirt build up, making it easily cleanable. The unit can be mounted to the wall with screws through the top & lower brackets for a simple, flush-to-wall installation. For quick access to the plumbing components, a removable panel is provided. Here’s a complete spotlight below:

 CSF – Pedestal Base

CSF is a free standing hand sink with an additional pedestal base mechanically attached to underside of bowl. With a slimmer base, the sink has less footprint, which is ideal for areas where space is tight. Here’s a complete spotlight below:

CSO – Pedestal Base

CSO is a free standing hand sink that sits on an octagon base, which is constructed of 18GA type 300 stainless steel. Octagon shape adds style to any space. Here’s a complete spotlight below:

Hands-Free Operation

In a time where hands-free is becoming in vogue, IMC free standing hand sinks are no exception. For example, model #CSB may be equipped with an electronic faucet & foot pedal/knee valve for a complete hands-free operating experience. Here’s a fully touchless sink below:

IMC free standing hand sinks are your line of defense against germs & bacteria. Strategically placing free standing hand sinks around your facility will promote hygiene & cleanliness for your staff & patrons. For a complete look at all IMC free standing hand sink models, click here.

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