Introducing Model #WMS-CR – A Unique Wall Shelf & Coat Rack Combo

IMC/Teddy is proud to unveil its latest product – Model #WMS-CR! Model #WMS-CR provides the best of both worlds – a wall shelf storage solution with the added versatility of a coat rack. This new product joins the ever growing list of wall shelves that IMC currently has in its catalog. The product is a cousin of Model #WSPR, which includes a pot rack. Let’s dive deeper.

Key Features

Model #WMS-CR is constructed from 18-gauge type 300 series stainless steel with a 2” turn up at rear with 1½” down on (3) sides. A ½” return at front rounds out the structure. The product includes (2) 16GA wall brackets with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Any shelf over 6′ will have an additional bracket approximately every 48″.

What makes WMS-CR stand out is the inclusion of a 1¼” OD tubular bar welded underneath the shelf. This tubular bar is ideal for hanging chef coats, jackets & other accessories. Let’s take a visual look below: 

User Benefits

Model #WMS-CR’s major benefit is two-fold. On one hand, it is useful for extra storage – especially in areas where floor space is limited. On the other hand, it eliminates the need for a separate coat hanger to store your garments while not in use. With these two advantages put together, you have one valuable product that has a small footprint & saves you space.

IMC/Teddy wall shelves are manufactured using only type 300 series stainless steel so durability is superior. IMC wall shelves can also be customized into many shapes & sizes such as “L” shaped. If you need to fill up unused corner space, IMC wall shelves can be shaped to fill in those much forgotten areas. Other options include rolled edges, custom gauges & custom bends.

Model #WMS-CR is available now. Check out the available sizes & options on the product page. To get your quote, please contact

To learn more about IMC’s wall shelves, click here.

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