Looking Ahead: Top 3 Food Service Equipment Trends for 2023

Another year has come & gone. It’s time to take a small look into the future. For 2023, we expect to see many emerging & strengthening trends to lead the charge in the food service industry. With the dramatic shift in technology & the social backdrop, we can expect to see food service equipment follow suit.

In this article, we will look at the 3 biggest food service equipment trends to look forward to in 2023 & how they may affect your operations as a whole. Let’s start.

1. Curbside & Drive-Thru Pickup is Here to Stay

From mid 2020 to present day, curbside & drive-thru pickup has become an increasingly popular service. For 2023, this trend will only continue to rise. Many customers are taking full advantage of the ease & safety of curbside/drive-thru pickup, all without leaving their vehicle. The improved customer experience, brand loyalty & low-cost delivery are all positive factors – & also the reasons why curbside/drive-thru will not be disappearing anytime soon.

So, what about the equipment aspect? If you are looking to offer curbside pickup or simply want to expand on it, you’ll need the right items to get the job done. You won’t be able to give an outstanding curbside service without acquiring additional products to boost your service.

Consider stainless steel worktables, cabinets, shelving & tray carts. All of these items will make your prep tasks & storage needs simpler so you can carry out & finish orders effortlessly.

2. Sustainability is the Word of the Year

With the growing focus on climate change, pollution & overfishing, “sustainability” is becoming a prominent buzz word in our landscape. Plant-based meat & seafood alternatives are becoming popular & are readily available at several restaurants. “Veganizing” recipes will only continue to shape the menus of restaurants across America & your equipment needs to follow suit.

To go hand & hand with sustainability & creating a “green” environment, stainless steel is the top choice to consider. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable & more than half of the stainless steel in circulation today has been sourced from scrap materials. Stainless steel is also non-corrosive, so it is harmless to the environment. Lastly, stainless steel does not release toxic chemicals into the surroundings.

3. Ghost Kitchens – Popping Up in Your Neighborhood

Again from mid 2020 to present, ghost kitchens have been on the impressive rise. In 2022, there are around 1,500 ghost kitchens in the US. The ghost kitchen sector has grown into a staggering $43 billion dollar industry with a projected growth of $71.4 billion by 2027. They are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Although ghost kitchens may lack the indoor dining & service aspect, they still need the basic materials & equipment to operate just like any other kitchen. Stainless equipment such as work tables, hand sinks, compartment sinks, cabinets, & dishtables are mandatory – even if space is limited. As ghost kitchens continue to open up, the need for stainless steel equipment is growing as well. 

IMC/Teddy is curious to see the above trends come into play for 2023. The continued focus on safety & hygiene has put food service equipment in the spotlight of nearly all kitchens in the United States. To learn about other essential stainless steel products in the commercial kitchen, click here.

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    1. Hi Ed,

      Yes, the pandemic has brought about significant changes in the foodservice industry, especially for equipment. We believe these changes are here to stay for 2023 & well beyond. Looking forward to seeing what the industry has to hold.

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