Essential Coffee Shop Stainless Steel Equipment

With winter about to kick off, coffee shops across the United States are gearing up for the frigid months ahead. What’s better than enjoying a sultry, fresh cup of coffee on a frosty day? However, it may be time to do an equipment check to see if you are ready for the incoming business. Also, if you are looking to opening up a coffee shop, there are products that simply cannot be overlooked.

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 item categories that should be in all coffee shops & offer up some IMC models to aid you in your search. Let’s jump right in.

1. Floor Troughs – From Wet to Dry

Let’s face it – coffee establishments are dealing with liquids as the main source of business. Coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, smoothies, tea & the list goes on. With such frequent handling of liquids, there is no doubt that spills & drips will occur. This is where floor troughs truly shine.

Installing floor troughs in your work area will help alleviate the dreaded hazard of wet floors. Most importantly, they will keep your employees safe from slipping.

IMC offers several stainless steel floor troughs based on your working environment & expected liquid flow. For small coffee shops, standard trough depths of 2″ or 4″ should be sufficient. For busier coffee shops, expect heavy drainage. You may want to consider a 6″ depth trough to filter all the liquids quickly down your drains. Although these are suggestions, the correct trough configuration will ultimately come down to your layout & available space.

2. Worktables – For all Food Prep Activities

Not only do coffee shops offer drinks, but several offer prepared food choices as well. Sandwiches, salads, oatmeal, & yogurt may be some of the most common items on a coffee shop menu. If food is on the agenda, then you will need dedicated prep space to complete your creations. Worktables will do just the job.

Coffee shops must do periodic weighing of the coffee beans & other ingredients in order to keep portions reasonable for customers. Consider a dedicated scale stand in order to house your scales for measuring.

Worktables can be configured in a number of ways. Many have rack mounted shelves, sink bowls, undershelves & so on. Try to configure your worktables in a way that will most benefit. IMC offers several flat top worktables (with or without backsplashes) to help your food service activities. 

3. Wall Shelving – For Quick Access & Storage Needs

Coffee shops have several ingredients & garnishes being used on each order. Cocoa powder, honey, sugar, molasses & mint are just a few. You’ll need reliable storage space for these when they are not use in. Wall shelves are just the ticket.

Why wall shelves? They can easily be mounted above your prep area for quick access to your most used ingredients. Nothing is simpler than reaching up & grabbing your components & putting them back into place. This also keeps your items off the floor area where they become contaminated.

IMC offers stainless steel wall shelves to enhance your storage & organization. Solid shelves, louvered shelves & even tubular shelves are available. Select the correct length & shelf type that will give you the greatest boost of productivity.

4. Hand Sinks – For Improving Hygiene

Coffee shops can quickly become a whirlwind. With the amount of drinks & food in play, people are bound to wash their hands eventually. Stainless steel hand sinks are needed for both employees & customers alike.

In fact, hand sinks are mandatory for food service establishments in the United States. They play the important role of promoting good hygiene & increasing safety in your facility. Check your local codes for hand sink requirements.

IMC offers some of the most customizable stainless steel hand sinks in the industry. Hand sinks can be equipped with side splashes, hands-free pedals, knee valves, auto faucets/soap dispensers & so on. 

For coffee shop startups – Click here for an excellent source of hand sink requirements aimed toward new owners.

5. Dishtables – Assisting Your Dishwasher

Coffee shops must stock cups, saucers, utensils, plates & bowls (among others). That means they will have to be cleaned up & sanitized as soon as possible for the next customers. Commercial dishwashers, and more importantly, stainless steel dishtables will be vital in your operations.

Two types of dishtables exist: soiled & clean. Soiled dishtables temporarily hold your used, dirty wares. Clean dishtables temporarily hold your completely disinfected wares after they’ve gone through your dishwasher. Many styles exist such as straight, corner or island. Once again, pick the best configuration for your kitchen layout to streamline your operations.

IMC offers stainless steel dishtables designed to fit with your dishwashing systems. IMC dishtables are some of the most highly customizable pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen. Purchasing the correct options & accessories will certainly shape the workflow in your dish room.

IMC understands that coffee shops are some of the most popular places to visit in the United States, with a 4% increase in startups from 2021. The number of shops will only continue to rise. Having the most durable & reliable stainless steel equipment is only going to elevate your business. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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