Deck Mounted vs. Splash Mounted Faucets – Which is Better?

Faucets. They are an integral part of any hand sink & a means of delivering water to your hands & utensils. But, as with any equipment, variations exist. In the case of faucets, the differences are numerous & often confusing.

Faucets can be manually operated, electrically operated, have 1 handle, have 2 handles & so on. However, there are two types of faucets that can be puzzling to most people – deck mounted vs. splash mounted. What exactly are the pros & cons of each? Is one better than the other?

In this article, we’ll go over advantages & uses of deck mounted & splash mounted faucets. To conclude, we will ultimately tell you which of the two is preferable. Let’s start.

Deck Mounted Faucets – A Classic Never Dies

When talking about faucets, you most likely think of the classic deck mounted type. This type is most commonly found in hotels, schools, restaurants & even your own home. Let’s go over the pros & cons:


  • Installation is a breeze as most hand sinks already come pre-installed with holes on the deck. Also, most water supply lines are situated through the wall below the sink so hooking up a deck mounted faucet should take no time.
  • Deck mounted faucets happen to be more economical & offer slightly more variety when compared to the wall mounted version.
  • Repair & maintenance is simple. You can fix the problem without having to look behind any walls.


  • Since you’ll need more room on your countertop, deck mounted faucets take up more space.
  • Cleaning them can be tricky – using a small toothbrush or sponge may be needed to disinfect all of the crevices & openings efficiently.

Splash Mounted Faucets – A Modern Take on the Faucet

Splash mounted faucets are a newer type of faucet where it is mounted on a backsplash of the sink. This type is most common in commercial kitchens, particularly compartment/utility sinks. Let’s go over the pros & cons:


  • Splash mounted faucets are the ultimate space saver. They are useful for narrower sinks where there is simply not enough room to mount a faucet on a deck.
  • Cleaning a splash mounted faucet is much easier since water does not pool around the deck.
  • Overall, the look is modern & sleek so the presentation of your entire area will be elevated.


  • Installing a splash mounted faucet can take time since water supply lines are usually found behind the walls where other pipes & wires may be.
  • Repairing a splash mounted faucet can be challenging since you will most likely have to disassemble the piece from the backsplash itself.
  • The overall cost is higher when dealing with splash mounted faucets – installing one incorrectly can be costly.

…And the Winner is?

The truth of the matter is it will all depend on your situation. If you have limited space, a splash mounted faucet will be just the ticket. If you’re on a budget, a deck mount type may be the best solution. As briefly mentioned above, splash type faucets are more common for back of house operations while deck mount types are often seen in front of house environments.

Try to weigh the pros & cons of each & determine which one will benefit you in the short & long term. Also try to consider the other variables such as hands free operationsmanual vs. electronic, construction, etc.

IMC/Teddy knows that selecting the right faucet for your sink can be delicate. No one wants to select the wrong faucet & then face the hassle of returning & replacing it for the right one. The faucet you pick should only complement your existing hand or utility sink. To learn more about how IMC’s faucet catalog, click here..

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