Here’s 4 Crucial Stainless Steel Products for Your Convenience Store

Who doesn’t love the ease & speed of visiting your local convenience store? After all, the large selection of products, the competitive prices & the fast checkout are all attractive features. But, as a convenience store operator, your success is largely based on the different type of equipment on hand. In particular, it’s the stainless steel equipment that will put your business over the top.

In this article, we’ll go over 4 IMC stainless steel product categories that will bring your convenience store to the next level. Although several other items are needed in a convenience store such as freezers, merchandisers & signage – we’ll only be focusing on the stainless steel equipment. Let’s begin.

Janitorial Equipment – Looks are Everything

No one wants to walk into the local convenience store & be greeted by dust, dirt & grime. That’s a surefire way to lose business & bring a negative reception to your store.

Take a look at these janitor focused products to aid in your cleaning efforts:

a. Mop Sink Cabinets – Mop sink cabinets are the perfect substitute for a janitor’s closet. They provide room for all of your cleaning chemicals/detergents, mops/brooms & mop buckets.

b. Mop Sinks – Mop sinks are designed to give your staff a suitable place to fill & empty mop buckets, clean mops & obtain water for other tasks. 

c. Waste Receptacle – Litter is a common problem in all convenience stores, so you’ll need the right receptacle to hold all of your trash.

Work/Prep Tables – Improve Your Productivity

If your convenience store is equipped to serve hot dishes or any kind of specially prepared dishes, then a worktable will be your best ally. Work/prep tables are handy for sorting & using your ingredients. They also provide a home for your machinery & extra storage space as needed. 

Here’s a look at some products to consider:

a. Worktables – The bread & butter of any commercial establishment. Worktables come in all shapes & sizes depending on your needs.

b. Mixer Stands & Slicer Stands – Mixer stands are ideal for holding your various blenders & mixers while slicer stands are designed to accommodate those bulky deli slicers. Thanks to the relatively low height, your machinery can be operated easily.

c. Equipment Stands – For all other kitchen machinery such as griddles, kettles & charbroilers, equipment stands will be your best bet. The anti-slip edges allow your machinery to be locked into place without the risk of falling onto the floor. This also means no more dangerous liquid spills.

Storage/Transport Equipment – The Workhorses of Your Operation

If you operate a convenience store, you know that the amount of products available to customers can be quite staggering. With so much inventory at any given time, you need a way of organizing & maneuvering these items around your facility.

Here are some products that can easily get those tasks done:

a. Shelving – The ultimate way to store products is by use of shelving. Shelving can come in a wide variety such as wall shelving, standard upright, or lower height dunnage racks.

b. Utility & Transport Carts– Designed for quick re-location of your products, utility & transport carts are equipped with casters & handles to give you the most control.

c. Cabinets – If you need something for longer term storage, a traditional cabinet will work. Many kinds exist such as wall cabinets, base cabinets & upright storage cabinets.

Stainless Steel Sinks – The Best Way to Keep Your Store Hygienic

As mentioned earlier, cleanliness is key. Another way to keep your convenience store in healthy order is by installing stainless steel sinks. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, washing & sanitizing have become the most important activity of any facility.

Take a look at some of the below sinks to consider:

a. Hand Sinks – Hand washing allows your staff & patrons to stay healthy. In order to wash your hands, you’ll need a hand sink. Although many varieties exist, wall mounted & free standing types are the most common.

b. Compartment Sinks– If you have utensils or wares that need regular washing, you’ll want to install a compartment sink. A standard 3-compartment sink should be sufficient, but other kinds exist. Check with your local state/city codes for any compartment sink requirements.

c. Soak Sinks – Soak sinks allows you to bring your water & washing materials anywhere they need to be. It’s the ideal alternative to a stationary sink unit.

IMC/Teddy knows that convenience store equipment is the backbone of your operation. Having quality stainless steel products in your business will not only make your daily tasks easier, but they will elevate your entire atmosphere. To learn more about how IMC’s products, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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