Meet the ESTP Equipment Stand w/ Scrap Tray

When walking into different restaurants and fast food chains, you see many interesting things.

I went to Blaze Pizza with my son and there was a very long line. I started watching the employees flatten out the dough to make the crust and noticed all of the crumbs going all over the place (see the collage to the left). I then wondered how they were going to clean it. There didn’t seem to be an easy way.

Then the idea hit me: “Wouldn’t it be easy to just brush the crumbs into a scrap tray and then empty the scrap tray?”

I brought the idea to my engineer and production teams and we came up with this equipment stand w/ scrap tray that you see here today.

The ESTP combines the functionality of a rugged stainless steel table and a slide out scrap tray. The top perforated area allows crumbs to fall into a scrap tray. The scrap tray easily slides in and out for scrap clean up. A stainless steel hook is included on the side for hanging a counter brush when not in use.

The ESTP is a great example of how IMC/Teddy is exploring design, development, and applications for the food service equipment industry.

-Suzanne Meno
Managing Director

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