Model #DTC: A New Home for Your Cleaning Supplies

Depending on the size of your facility & nature of your business, the amount of cleaning supplies can range from very little to almost too much to count. Cleaning supplies such as detergents, powders, degreasers, abrasives, etc. can take up a good chunk of your valuable space, especially in large numbers. Is there a way to keep these items organized in one specific place?

In this article, we’ll offer up a solution for storing & organizing your cleaning items. We’ll also share with you an IMC product that can aid in your search. Let’s begin

What Are Detergent Cabinets?

Cabinets exist for 2 simple reasons: storage & organization. Without them, items would be spread all over the facility causing countless headaches. Although many types exist such as wall or base, detergent cabinets are in a league of their own.

For one, detergent cabinets are much slimmer & shorter than a standard storage cabinet. The smaller footprint allows you to place your cabinet in an area where space may be limited. Concerning interior shelves – most detergent cabinets come with 3-4 shelves so you can line up your cleaning agents with ease. The shelving itself can be fixed or adjustable (useful for comfortably arranging your bottles/containers of varying sizes).

Keeping items out of sight & tidy can go a long way to boosting your productivity. Ultimately, the height & utility shelf arrangement of a detergent cabinet provides higher storage volume within a compact floor space.

Model #DTC – IMC’s Detergent Cabinet Solution

IMC Model #DTC is IMC’s answer for holding your important cleaning chemicals & agents. It is ideal for institutional & public buildings. The unit features an 18-gauge stainless steel body with a 16-gauge stainless steel top, all constructed from type 300 series stainless steel.


The doors are double pan hinged with (2) three point “T” handles. Inside the cabinet itself, DTC features (4) total shelves: (1) fixed bottom shelf & (3) adjustable intermediate shelves. Lastly, the top rear of the unit features an “L” bracket so it can be safely fastened to a wall.


For a cabinet, DTC is quite compact with a standard height of 72″ (63″ without the legs) & a width of 18″. The length can be customized for your application, but 36″ or 48″ is standard. Overall, the cabinet can be customized to fit any size area from slim to extra large. Here’s a closer look at Model #DTC:

DTC also comes with a host of useful options such as 5″ casters for increased mobility, an extra shelf for more storage, or all fixed shelves. DTC can also be equipped with glass door cabinets which are useful for open kitchens or display areas of high profile kitchens. Glass doors are also useful to see which items are running low inside of the cabinet.


IMC understands that keeping your facility organized is a daily activity. With a dedicated detergent cabinet, having your small & large bottles in one spot can be helpful. Furthermore, a stainless steel cabinet can stand up to the day in day out abuse that others simply cannot match. For a closer look at IMC’s detergent cabinet, click here.

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