Top 5 Must-Have Stainless Steel Bakery Equipment

Running a successful bakery presents many challenges, especially when it comes to equipment. Bakers must perform various tasks such as food prep, baking (of course) & serving. These activities would not be possible without the correct tools. So, what exactly are the absolute essentials?

In this article, we’ll give you the top 5 most important stainless steel items to have ready for use in your bakery. We’ll then offer up some IMC models to aid in your journey. It should be noted that while other equipment such as ovens, freezers & mixers are important parts of any bakery, we will be focusing solely on the stainless steel pieces. Let’s start.

#1 Mixer/Slicer Stands – Don’t Be Caught Without These

When it comes to bakery equipment, mixers & slicers are the most popular pieces to have. A bakery cannot exist without these tools. However, mixers & slicers can be quite cumbersome & daunting to handle. This is why having a dedicated mixer/slicer stand is a smart move.

Mixer/slicer tables provide a dependable surface for your equipment to sit atop. They are designed to free up valuable countertop space while providing a convenient & secure location for your equipment.

Here’s a look at IMC’s offerings:

#2 Equipment Stands – For All Other Heavy Duty Equipment

Mixers & slicers are not the only items that exist in a bakery. There is a ton of other equipment to consider such as sheeters, dividers/rounders, conveyer ovens, food processors & so on. Once again, these products can prove to be awkward & unwieldy, so they will need an independent stand.

Most equipment stands are constructed from a lower gauge (typically 14-gauge) stainless steel to accompany heavy equipment. Equipment stands can also have anti-slip/spill edges to keep your equipment secure & contain any liquid spills.

Here’s a closer look at IMC Models #EST & #ESTP:

#3 Mobile Bowl Stands – The Best Home for Mixing Bowls

Of course, if you have a mixer, you will have mixing bowls. Luckily, there is specially designed stainless steel equipment that is shaped to accommodate 30-quart or 80-quart bowl sizes.

Mobile bowl stands are useful for storing & moving your bowl to dry storage, thanks to the standard equipped casters. By having a mobile mixing bowl stand in your commercial kitchen, you’ll be able to reduce the number of trips you have to make from your walk-in refrigerator to your prep station because you can simply take your mixing bowl with you.

Here’s a closer look at IMC’s mobile bowl stands:

#4 Worktables – Complete Your Prep Task Efficiently

Worktables give you the opportunity to accomplish your vital prep tasks. Worktables are essential for kneading, cutting dough, slicing, peeling, chopping ingredients & so on. Most worktables have undershelves, which provide more storage space & keeps your most important items on hand.

Worktables need to stand up to the day-in, day-out abuse, so 14 or 16-gauge stainless steel is the most preferred. Depending on the nature of your bakery, worktables can be customized to fully accommodate all of your necessary prep tasks.

Here’s a quick look at IMC’s worktables:

#5 Hand/Compartment Sinks – Don’t Forget About Hygiene

As with any food service establishment, washing & sanitizing are pivotal tasks that must be performed regularly.

Hand sinks promote hygiene & safety in your bakery. They allow your employees to wash their hands exclusively. However, you’ll need a separate sink for washing ingredients & cleaning bakeware. Compartment sinks fill this role splendidly.

Small one or two compartment sinks can be used for food prep and/or hand washing. Larger three compartment sinks are useful for addressing bakeware because each sink bowl performs a different task (rinsing, washing & sanitizing).

Here’s a look at a selection of IMC Model hand/compartment sinks:

IMC understands the challenges of operating a bakery & managing all the equipment that keeps your business running. With the correct equipment on hand, your productivity & efficiency is guaranteed to increase. For a closer look at IMC’s products, click here.

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