5 Essential Stainless Steel Products for Lodging Operators

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic had a drastic effect on the lodging industry as a whole. There was a reported loss of about -50% in revenue across the whole sector in 2020 alone. However, with the relaxing of mandates & travel restrictions, the lodging industry is getting itself back up on its feet. With that said, it may be time to upgrade your equipment with safety & hygiene in mind.

In this article, we’ll give you 5 pieces of equipment that will enhance your lodging operations in regards to dining. We’ll then offer up some relevant IMC models for you to consider. Let’s jump right in.

#1 Grab & Go Food Service Carts – Speed is the Name of the Game

With social distancing rules still in effect, especially in lodging environments, it’s a good idea to keep interaction between patrons to a minimum. A grab & go cart is the perfect asset to promote this.

Grab & go carts are a useful all-in-one solution for storing, merchandising & marketing your nutritious snacks & drink items. Most grab & go carts have 2 components – an insulated bin to keep food/drinks cold & a mounted shelf for holding other items.

The beauty of a grab & go cart is mobility. They can be wheeled between dining operations in your lodging facility & can be set up strategically to maximize its use. This is perfect for smaller lodging operations even with limited guests.

Here’s a look at IMC’s Model #ICM-36, a stainless steel grab & go cart:


#2 Silverware Dispensers – Utensils at Your Fingertips

Knives, forks, spoons, straws & other small utensils are mandatory for any dining operation. But, you’ll need a place to store & organize these items. A dedicated silverware dispenser is just the ticket.

Most silverware dispensers vary in shape & size, but they are all meant to protect, hold & distribute your small utensils. In a lodging environment, this will bring your dining service to the next level. Patrons will have quick access to the most essential utensils anytime.


Here’s a peek at IMC Model #SD16H, a stainless steel silverware dispenser:

#3 Tray Dispensers – Keep All Your Trays in One Place

In buffet areas, trays (typically sized 14″ x 18″, 15″ x 20″ or 20″ x 20″) still play the important role of carrying & serving food. However, having trays laying around the dining area is not a good look. Having an exclusive piece of equipment that holds your trays is a smart decision.


Tray dispensers can also be combined into different units with silverware, saucers & baskets to save on space. Depending on the size of your operations, you may need to utilize multiple tray dispensers to meet the demand.


Here’s a glance at IMC’s 3 unique tray dispenser models – #TRDC#CS-2020#140-516:


#4 Tableware Dispensers – For Large & Small Scale Events

If you are having large banquets in your hotel, a tableware dispenser is a vital asset to have for distributing & gathering plates/dishes. The dispensers can prevent broken dishes & help your food service operation run more efficiently & safely.


Most tableware dispensers can be heated or unheated, depending on the menu. It’s important to consider the nature of your business & select the optimal type to accommodate your food selection. If you’re serving mainly warm foods, invest in more heated dispensers. If food warmth is not an issue, consider more unheated dispensers.


Here’s a breakdown of IMC’s PDH Heated Tableware Dispenser & PDU Unheated Tableware Dispenser:



#5 Modular Serving Systems – Serving Up Hot & Cold Food

Finally, you will need a way to serve your hot & cold foods. Specially designed hot & cold food counters are the best way to achieve this. In fact, buffet operations would not exist without a lineup of modular serving systems.


Modular serving systems are some of the most customizable pieces of equipment in the industry. Many can be equipped with heat lamps, tray slides, laminate doors or intermediate shelves to name a few.


Sneeze guards, protector cases & display cases are the most essential options to have in order to maintain hygiene in your serving line. These 3 options allow you to keep your menu items protected & out of people’s reach. No more tampering & less risk of contamination.


Here is IMC’s selection of cold & hot Modular Serving Systems:


With travel restrictions easing up, the lodging industry is looking to make a serious comeback. IMC specializes in outfitting your lodging facility with the most functional & safe stainless steel equipment. Equipping your dining service with the latest stainless steel foodservice equipment is sure to be appreciated by employees & patrons. For a closer look at IMC’s products, click here.

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