Model #SHF – Heating Up Your Next Meal Service

We spoke recently about hot food counters & why they are essential for any buffet or catering event. The fact of the matter is no meal service would be possible without a hot food counter in operation, especially if you are serving items that need to be at a certain temperature. Today, we’ll dive into our most basic hot food counter offering – Model #SHF.

In this article, we’ll tell you the ins & outs of Model #SHF & give you a few advantages of adding one to your lineup. Let’s start.

Model #SHF – Your Ally for Keeping Food Warm

Model #SHF modular hot food counter is designed to warm & keep your food at the right serving temperature. The unit is constructed from Type 300 series stainless steel with a 16-gauge top, 14-gauge frame & an 18-gauge apron.

The unit itself is electrically heated with individual controls & feature heated drop-in pans for dry or wet use.

Full size pans are utilized & each well has its own thermostat control. Each food well is pre-wired & provided with a 1200 watt element. The unit can be fitted with 2-6 wells.

Finally, the unit comes standard with quick release latches so multiple units can be joined together. 5″ heavy duty casters are standard for maximum mobility.

Here’s a quick look at Model #SHF with an optional tray slide:

So, Why Add One to Your Lineup?

There are three big reasons to consider Model #SHF for your next meal service:

1. Warmth is Key – It’s a matter of food taste, but mostly a matter of safety. The recommended temperature for keeping food warm is above 140°F. Anything below 140°F is a cause for concern as bacteria & foodborne illness can become a real problem. Aside from that, no one likes the taste of cold chicken, beef, French fries, etc. so a hot food counter is the most sensible solution.

2. Customize Yours – We mentioned earlier that Model #SHF can be equipped with 2-6 wells depending on the size of your operation. SHF can also be customized based on your requirements. Some popular options include single/double service sneeze guards, tray slides & work shelves among others. Try to tailor yours so that will make the most sense for your environment.

3. Easy Cleanup – Thanks to the stainless steel construction, cleaning up after meal services is a breeze. All it takes is a simple non-abrasive cleaner & a wipe down. Similar hot food counters made of plastic or aluminum can be easily damaged & do not have the long lasting durability of stainless steel.

Hot food counters have been a catering/buffet staple from the very start. Having a reliable hot food counter with all the bells & whistles will take your meal service to the next level. For a closer look at IMC’s hot food counters, click here.

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