Model #SMTS – IMC’s Flagship Slicer Table

We’ve briefly spoken before about IMC’s selection of mixer tables that provide a dependable surface for commercial mixers, griddles & blenders to sit atop. But, what about slicers? There’s a solution for those also.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about IMC’s slicer table product & give you the advantages of having one in your lineup. Let’s jump in.

Model #SMTS – The Complete Slicer Table Package

Model #SMTS consists of a 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel top. The unit features 14-gauge slides that are welded to the legs. An undershelf is also standard & welded to the legs. The unit features stainless steel gussets – not galvanized gussets as seen in competitors. In fact, there is no galvanized steel found anywhere in this product.

 For added mobility, each model comes with 5″ casters, (2) with brakes.

The model comes in 2 size variations – 30″W x 30″L x 34″H or 30″W x 36″Lx 34″H. However, custom sizes are available to fit your application.

Here’s a closer look at model #SMTS:

Why Add One to Your Lineup?

Commercial grade slicers tend to be cumbersome & unwieldy to handle. Some premium/heavy duty slicers can weigh well over 100 pounds! Aside from the weight issue, having a slicer placed on top of a standard worktable can take up valuable space & reduce your productivity. This is why having a dedicated slicer table set up is a smart move.

IMC slicer stands are able to handle any size slicer with ease. They are specially designed to provide sanitary carefree use & can be easily cleaned after each session. The compact design of the unit allows you to save space. The standard casters also allow you to move your slicer from station to station if necessary.


SMTS includes 4 sets of pan slides as a standard. The integrated pan slides are used to transport & store hand appliances plus other accessories. The pan slides also let you position trays of ingredients until they’re ready to be used.


Lastly, SMTS opens itself up to flexible options. The unit can be equipped with a drop shelf, undermount drawer, revolving bumpers & an accessory holder among others. 


IMC understands that slicers save time & provide uniform/controlled portions. Having a table to complement your slicer is imperative for your commercial operations. Pairing your heavy duty slicer with IMC’s heavy duty slicer table is a recipe for success. For a look at all of our mixer/slicer table offerings, click here.

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