Must-Have Drainage Products for Your Next Plumbing Project

Plumbing problems exist & when they show up, it can be a nightmare. With the amount of equipment & supplies on hand, drainage & plumbing does not have to be as difficult anymore. But, as the saying goes, “A man is only as good as his tools.”

In this article, we will be focusing on stainless steel plumbing products. Since the plumbing world can be so vast, we will only focus on the drainage aspect also. We will give you 3 essential products to consider & offer up some IMC items to aid you in your journey. Let’s explore.

1. Floor Troughs – The Ultimate Drainage Tool

First & foremost on the list are floor troughs. This should come as no surprise as floor troughs are THE tool for effectively channeling & draining liquids from a floor surface. Excess fluids are a given in most commercial facilities – the challenge comes in eliminating the extra liquids!

Why floor troughs? Keeping the floor conditions safe in working areas is important. The risk of slip & fall incidents is severely reduced & your environment will be clean & dry. Without floor troughs, there would be no high volume drainage system in place & flooding would be inevitable.

Many floor troughs out there are not cut out for the long term. In fact, many floor troughs are made from cheaper aluminum or, worse yet, plastic. This does not have to be the case anymore. Stainless steel floor troughs are the best route to go to save you from potential headaches & maintenance costs.

Which IMC troughs should you consider? The most popular plumbing focused trough that we provide is Model #TRE. TRE is ideal for use as an individual trough drain, a perimeter drain or can be interconnected with other troughs. Other popular plumbing troughs include Models #FWR#NWR & #FMT.

A word on seepage flanges: If your building has multiple levels, it would be wise to consider the extra benefit of a seepage flange on your floor troughs. Seepage flanges prevent any liquid that may seep through the floor, tile, gout or cracks to hit the floor below. This extra layer of protection will keep all floors dry & safe.

2. Grating – Clogs are a Thing of the Past

To go along with floor troughs, grating is vital in preventing foreign debris from entering into your drainage system & causing a gigantic backup/flood. Clogs are no small cost & the damage can be catastrophic.

As before, grating is constructed from many different materials such as cast iron, aluminum, or plastic. Opting for stainless steel will eliminate the durability issue. In fact, stainless steel does not warp or bend under foot/vehicular traffic.

Which IMC grating is useful for plumbing applications? Fiberglass grating (Model #PFG) is a popular choice among plumbers due to its light weight, slip resistance & cost effectiveness. Standard subway grating (Model #SG) is also a viable choice in any plumbing application.

3. Floor Pans – For That Little Something Extra

Floor pans are suitable for larger scale projects where you need total coverage of a given floor area. Additionally, floor pans are designed to protect the floor from corrosion damage & provide a stable base for heavy equipment.

Essentially, the floor pan is your floor & saves you from having to replace tiles in the future. If you use floor pans on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th floor, it will protect from leakage onto other floors preventing damage.

These units are mainly used for institutional & public buildings in large cook-chill facilities. They can also be used to place kettles on or they can be used for ice machines.

IMC/Teddy is in tune with the plumbing world & offers up useful drainage solutions to complement your project.  Upgrade your plumbing system with the highest quality stainless steel products today. To learn more about IMC’s floor trough solutions, click here.

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