So You Want to Open a Butcher Shop?…Here’s Some Essential Equipment

Butcher shops make use of specially designed machines to get the most basic tasks completed. Devices such as grinders, slicers, meat saws & pressers are just a few components you will find in a typical butcher shop. However, there are a few specific stainless steel items you will need to complement these products.

In this article, we will show you 5 pieces of stainless steel equipment that are mandatory for any butcher operation. We’ll also give you some relevant IMC products that go hand in hand with your existing or new butcher machines. Let’s jump right in.

Slicer Tables – Enhance Your Meat Slicers

Meat slicers may seem like a simple item, but they can be quite heavy & awkward to operate. Dedicated stainless steel slicer tables are designed to alleviate the cumbersome nature of most meat slicers. Slicer tables are equipped with tray slides & an undershelf for transportation/storage of appliances.

Most are equipped with casters so they can be maneuvered easily around your facility. The bottom line is slicer tables provide you a functioning slicing station with the mobility of a cart.

IMC/Teddy manufactures 2 slicer tables: Models #SMTS & #SMSS

Model #SMTS features a 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel top with 14-gauge stainless steel slides welded to the legs. The table also features an undershelf, which is also welded to the legs.

Model #SMSS features a 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel marine work top. The model itself is an open cabinet body. Optional pan slides are adjustable & removable. 

Have a look at both models below:

Worktables – Prep Areas Made for You

You’ll need an area to prep, cut & season your prime cuts of meat. Worktables are a vital piece of equipment to have to get these important jobs done. Worktables come in a variety of shapes & can be configured to meet your needs. 

Most importantly, it’s wise to choose a worktable that will stand up to the day-in day-out abuse. Worktables with backsplashes & built in integral sinks can be useful to keep liquids at bay.

One special type of worktable called a scale stand can easily accommodate your scales for weighing your meat products. 

IMC/Teddy manufactures several worktables that are a perfect fit for butcher shops. Models #WT#WTB #STS are just a few types to consider.

Model #WT is IMC’s standard worktable offering featuring a 14 or 16 gauge stainless steel top, square edge & an 18-gauge welded undershelf. Model #WTB adds a 6″ backsplash to the product.

Model #STS is a special type of worktable called an angle frame scale stand. Scale stands are specifically designed to accommodate your scales for weighing your meat products. The product itself is made up of a 1½” x 1½” angle frame with stainless steel legs & crossbracing.

Check out these models below:

Model #KNC – Not Just Any Ordinary Knife Cabinet

Knives are an important part of any butcher shop so it makes sense that you would want to keep your knives protected & in tip-top shape. A dedicated knife cabinet just might be the ticket.

IMC’s model #KNC is the ultimate stainless steel knife cabinet equipped with a locked hinged door & a knife holder which can hold up to 10 knives. The unit itself is wall mounted so no floor space is taken up.

Here’s a closer look:

Compartment Sinks – For Effectively Sanitizing Your Utensils

Let’s face it – butcher shops can get quite messy. This is especially true when different utensils are being utilized. You’ll need a way to clean & disinfect these utensils efficiently. Compartment sinks fill that role splendidly.

Compartment sinks comes in a variety of styles – some have 1-4 sink bowls & some are custom shaped. Try to select a compartment sink that will make sense for the size & nature of your butchering activities.

IMC compartment sinks (Model #SCS) are some of the most versatile products in our catalog. All IMC compartment sinks are made from 14 or 16 gauge type 300 series stainless steel & includes a rolled edge & backsplash for keeping liquids off your walls & floor.

Here are just a couple of examples of IMC compartment sinks:

Cabinets – Storage & Organization Made Easy

Finally, you’ll need a secure place to store your other tools & supplies. After all, a butcher shop is full of sharp & potentially dangerous tools that can spell disaster if left out in the open. Cabinets are specially designed to neaten up your area so employees can work safely.

The type of cabinet you will need is entirely dependent on the space given. Wall cabinets (Model #OC) will save floor space, base cabinets (Model #BC) will save wall space & storage cabinets (Model #SC) are the traditional type. Each cabinet can be configured with several options such as sliding doors, extra shelves & door locks.

Take a quick peek at IMC’s cabinet offerings:

IMC/Teddy understands that butcher shops need a variety of tools & machines to complete daily tasks. With the support of stainless steel equipment, your productivity & efficiency will surely increase. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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