Stainless Steel Equipment for Optimizing Footprint

It’s no secret that modern day commercial kitchens are shrinking in size. This means the equipment being used must have a small footprint. With so many appliances & tools being utilized in a commercial kitchen, this can be a difficult task. However, stainless steel equipment is just something that no commercial kitchen can go without. Luckily, solutions do exist.

 In this article, we’ll briefly mention 7 optimized stainless steel solutions for maximizing commercial kitchen footprint. We’ll also offer up IMC model #’s to help you out. Let’s begin.

1. Combo Hand Sink/Soap Dispenser/Towel Dispenser

There are a couple of reasons to consider a combo hand sink with a built in faucet, soap dispenser & towel dispenser.

First, it eliminates the need for separate equipment. You do not need a separate towel dispenser mounted on a wall when it is built into the base of the hand sink itself. Second, this will cover any mandatory health codes in regards to hygiene & hand washing (but always remember to check your local codes so you are in full compliance).

IMC’s new Model #IHST fits the bill when it comes to a comprehensive hand washing solution that can be used as a drop-in or welded into an existing worktable. Model #IHST comes equipped with 1-2 deck or splash hole(s), a soap dispenser mounting hole & an integrated towel dispenser. All the essential hand washing needs in one package.

2. Compact Scullery Sinks

Scullery sinks are also a mandatory item in commercial kitchens for complete sanitizing of tools & utensils. However, you’ll need a scullery sink that is 1 or 2 compartments at the most to save the most floor space. Consider the nature of your operation & invest in a compartment sink that will meet your washing demands.

IMC offers Models #SCS-1 & #SCS-2, 1 & 2 compartment scullery sinks. These compartment sinks are capable of being equipped with a drainboard to hold dirty/clean wares also.

3. Undercounter Soak Sinks

Undercounter soak sinks provide vital washing capacity without having to install a stationary sink unit. They are used for soaking dirty silverware, dishes & other small wares prior to washing. As the name suggests, undercounter soak sinks can be rolled underneath prep or work tables when not in use, saving space in the process.

IMC Model #UCS is a fully capable undercounter soak sink that is low in height (18″ – 20″) & features casters so it can be maneuvered around easily. It is especially designed for any small wares/utensils & comes with a twist lever valve for easy drainage.

4. Filler Worktables

If there was ever a product that maximizes your commercial square footage & expands your capacity/production, filler worktables would be that item. Filler worktables aim to fill in those awkward gaps between tables, without taking up big space themselves. Adding an extra storage location for your items is crucial in any commercial kitchen.

IMC offers Model #FWT which feature a narrow profile for fitting into those gaps. The thin build makes it a perfect choice for the spaces between equipment, making previously unusable space into a valuable asset.

5. Wall Shelves

Standard floor shelving may take up too much valuable space. You’ll need an alternative – wall shelving.

Wall shelving gives you a vertical storage area & gives you quick access to your most used tools & ingredients. Wall shelves can vary in length; try to utilize the best sizes for your operation.

IMC offers several wall shelf models #WMS#WMS-L, & #WMS-T to name a few. IMC wall shelves are useful for dry or wet storage & offer you the best efficiency while taking up zero floor space.

6. Wall Cabinets

Similar to wall shelves, wall cabinets offer an enclosed storage area mounted directly onto your wall. They also provide security & protection for your items. An essential piece of equipment for almost any commercial kitchen.

IMC offers up Model #OC, which comes in a variety of configurations. IMC’s wall cabinets can be configured with different doors (hinged, sliding or no doors) & can be equipped with multiple doors depending on the size. 2 adjustable shelves are also included to fit a wide variety of tools.

7. Ice Bins

Ice bins are needed for access to ice & keep drinks cold. You’ll need one that is small, mobile & versatile. Ice is considered a food product, so it must be treated as such. Therefore, they are an integral part of any commercial kitchen operation.

IMC offers several ice bin models, but we’ve recently release Model #ICBS which is specifically designed for smaller footprint areas. ICBS can be rolled underneath prep & worktables with ease. The standard sliding door means it can be operated without wheeling out the bin first. A true space saver & companion for your operations.

IMC understands the shifting landscape of commercial kitchens & offers several items to complement this. The key is to always remember to have the essentials on hand & make the best use of the space available. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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