The Ultimate Guide to Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

Cafeteria & buffet food serving lines are found in almost every school, hotel, casino, prison or social event. With such popularity, serving lines must always be efficient & provide a quick & organized flow.

However, not all serving lines are the same. Ultimately, the size of the serving line is dependent on the size of the operation, the number of people you expect to serve & the variety of offerings. Most importantly, your serving line must be able to hold the food at proper temperatures whether that is hot or cold.

In this article, we will look at some essential IMC serving line equipment.

Types of IMC Serving Line Equipment

As with any well organized system, there are many smaller pieces that fit into the larger overall project. The same is true for serving line equipment. Let’s take a look at some major components below:

  • IMC Tray & Silverware Counters: If you’re going to enjoy food, you will need a tray & the appropriate silverware. Using a dedicated tray & silverware counter will keep your operation well-stocked, organized & tidy. Equipping yours with casters will easily allow you to move your counter from area to area, if neccessary. 
  • IMC Hot Food Counters: Warming or keeping food which has been freshly cooked at serving temperature needs careful food safety handling & the right equipment. Use hot food counters that can accommodate full size pans. Additionally, heated drop-in pans can be used dry or wet. Fluorescent or heated lamps may be equipped to hold the appropriate temperatures. The overall goal here is to maintain heat & keep your food in fresh condition. 
  • IMC Cold Food Counters: Ideal for serving chilled fruit, drinks, salads, & desserts while maintaining freshness. Many are equipped with an ice pan or a refrigerated cold pan. Additionally, these counters are constructed from stainless steel, which are insulated to guarantee that your food stays cold longer. 
  • IMC Misc. Counters: There are also some smaller counters that can be used in conjunction with the above items:
    • Beverage Counters: Store & serve your signature beverages with a dedicated counter.
    • Condiment Counters: Keep your condiments in one convenient location for your patrons to access.
    • Milk Counters: Must be refrigerated to at least 38°F to maintain freshness.
    • Ice Cream Counters: Must be refrigerated to at least 10°F, which is the ideal serving temperature for ice cream.
    • Cashier Counters: Your staff must have plenty of room to ring up customers. Cashier counters act as a central hub for organized & quick transactions .

At IMC/Teddy, we manufacture a variety of stainless steel equipment modular serving systems to accommodate your serving line operations. We understand that serving lines are a great opportunity to merchandise & display your product offerings, all while maintaining a sanitary environment. We are willing to work with you in designing the most comprehensive serving line operation possible. For our complete modular serving system offering, check out our brochure here.

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