Top 5 Advantages of Hands-Free Hand Sinks

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), hygienic practices have become more important than ever before. In particular, proper hand washing procedures have taken center stage. However, if you are going to wash your hands, you will need the right equipment. Here’s where IMC hands-free hand sinks come into play.

In this article, we will give you some insight on what makes a hand sink so “hands-free” & then take a look at the top 5 main advantages. Let’s start.

What Exactly is a “Hands-Free Hand Sink”?

We know that the terms ” hands-free” & “hand sink” might seem contradictory, but the process of making your hand sink fully untouchable is actually quite simple. There are 2 ways to make your IMC hand sink transform into a fully hands-free fixture:

a. Foot Pedal Valves – As the name suggests, operation of the hand sink is done using your own two feet. Foot pedal valves usually have 2 levers, one for hot water & the other for cold water. Most foot pedal valves are situated flat on the floor, so your hands never come near the sink. Examples of foot pedal valves can be seen below:

b. Knee Pedal Valves – Also self explanatory, operation is done via your own knees. Similar to foot pedals, there are two valves for hot & cold water. The main difference is that knee valves are located higher off the floor so you can operate them comfortably. Examples of knee pedal valves can be seen below:


1. More Hygienic

Let’s face it – faucets are some of the most touched areas in a restroom or work area. It’s a fact that they are handled before the user washes their hands. With IMC hands-free hand sinks, you will not have to touch any part of the sink to operate it! By not having to touch the faucet, the risk of spreading germs & bacteria is eliminated. The buildup of bacteria is decreased & the risk of illness reduced. Mission accomplished.

2. Quicker Operation

Operating an IMC hands-free sink is much quicker than the traditional touch method. In particular, employees will be able to carry out washing tasks with better speed & efficiency. Patrons will also appreciate the time saving aspect of going hands-free.

3. Convenience 

The goal is to make your life easy & comfortable. For elderly or handicap, operating a hands-free hand sink is effortless. Patrons do not have to overly exert themselves in order to properly wash their hands. Just a simple press of a valve is all it takes.

4. Reduce Water Waste

With the constant talk about sustainability & water conservation, IMC hands-free hand sinks are leading the charge. When installed, hands-free sinks can help in reducing water wastage resulting from leaving the faucet open. When you take your foot or knee off the valve, the water flow will immediately end. This means better water & money savings for your business.

5. No Scalding

We’ve all been in a situation where we underestimated how hot water is to the touch. No one likes to be burned. Hands-free hand sinks minimizes this problem. How? The fact of the matter is most hands-free sinks have preset temperatures so the water is never burning hot. This means less scalding & more healthy hands.

At IMC/Teddy, all hand sinks can be equipped with foot or knee valves to make a fully hands-free system. We understand the importance of eliminating cross contamination. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, we believe going hands-free is the smartest solution. Electronic faucets with motion sensors are also available for hands-free operation. For a look at all other hand sink accessories, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

One thought on “Top 5 Advantages of Hands-Free Hand Sinks

  1. The hands free hand sinks should be an essential part of all kitchens. But I can’t see why you would have separate hot and cold water taps although they are so close together you would probably hiy both at the same time: a sort of mixer. In which case why not have a single knee operated tap which activates a thermostat mixer which can be set to the best temperature for washing hands: and avoid the water being too hot. Also the knee operated tap can be located behind the full width basin skirt which can be hinged so that whichever side your knee pushes it wil activate the tap. Keep up the good work!

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