What is a Vent Duct Used For?

The typical commercial kitchen operates seven days a week for several hours. During that time, there is no doubt that grills, fryers & ranges are being utilized for cooking purposes. With that said, toxic fumes & dark smoke are absolutely present in the environment. In fact, cooking fumes have been linked to a number of detrimental respiratory problems when exposed for long periods. How can this be combated?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what exactly a vent duct does & then give you some IMC offerings to consider when evaluating your commercial kitchen’s ventilation. Let’s begin.

Vent Ducts – The Best Way to Circulate Air

Let’s start with the basics – the ventilation system is a vital component in your commercial kitchen because it filters out the harmful vapors & keeps air from becoming dusty & smelly inside the facility. A ventilation system should be attached to a vent duct. The vent duct is considered the heart & soul of your commercial kitchen ventilation system.

The truth of the matter is badly ventilated commercial kitchens feature hovering smoke/haze, unpleasant odors, hot/cold spots & excessive dust in the air. Commercial kitchen vent ducts must effectively manage the flow of toxic vapors to expel odor & air contaminants as well as remove moisture from the air. Without a properly functioning ventilation system, levels of humidity increase, thereby creating an environment that promotes mold & bacteria.

Apart from correcting the air quality, vent ducts are important for temperature regulation as well. Let’s face it; a commercial kitchen can become an extremely hot place to work. Vent ducts regulate this hot air into the ventilation system so the environment can be cooled down.

It is important to note that local building codes should be considered when setting up your ventilation system with the proper vent ducts. As a general rule, always check with your local building codes to make sure you are in compliance.

The IMC/Teddy Advantage

IMC/Teddy manufactures Model #SVD, which is constructed from 18-gauge Type 300 Series stainless steel. Heights can range from 48″, 60″, or 72″ with custom lengths & widths available. To accommodate your HVAC system’s sizing requirements, vent duct systems must be precisely fitted so as to be balanced. Typical IMC vent ducts come standard with a collar.

IMC/Teddy vent ducts are designed to be used with appliances that product greasy byproducts & smoke created while cooking. They are also suitable with appliances that produce only heat & steam. Have a look below:

IMC/Teddy knows the importance of keeping your commercial kitchen clean & breathable. Without vent ducts, kitchens would become impossible to work in. The combination of air quality & temperature control can bring your work environment up to another level. To learn more about IMC’s vent ducts, click here.

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