Maintaining Your Knives & Cutlery the Right Way

Knives are one of the most essential tools used in today’s commercial kitchens. Without them, there would be no way of slicing or dicing up ingredients for your special recipes. But, as with all tools, getting the most life out of them means maintaining them the correct way. After all, leaving unclean knives out in the open can spell disaster. What are the solutions?

In this article, we’ll take look at some cleaning & storage methods that you can use to keep your knives sharp & ready for use. We’ll also offer up some useful IMC equipment to help you along the way. Let’s begin.

Cleaning Your Knives Like a Pro

A recent study has shown that unwashed utensils are the main culprit in the spread of E. coli & salmonella to fruits & vegetables. This is why constant washing & sanitizing of your utensils should be priority #1. But, what’s the best way of doing that?

Believe it or not, soaking them in cleaning chemicals is not the answer. These harsh chemicals cause potential rusting & pitting of your cutlery, leading to costly replacements & a short lifespan. The better solution would be to use a sterilizer cabinet.

Typical sterilizer cabinets use a germicidal ultraviolet light to disinfect & purify knives + other cutlery. This design simply kills bacteria that standard washing won’t remove.

IMC/Teddy offers Model #UVC, which is constructed from durable 18-gauge type 300 series stainless steel. The unit also includes an 8 watt UV fixture & lamp/ timer switch, removable knife rack, indicator lights & hooks for your utensils. 20 minutes is all it takes for complete disinfection of all utensils. Here’s a quick visual look:

Storing Your Knives Like a Pro

Once you purify your precious cutlery, you need a safe & reliable storage space for them. The most common piece of equipment to use is a knife block. However, this is not the best solution.

The truth of the matter is knife blocks are a breeding ground for bacteria. The many openings in a knife block can make it hard to clean. A recent NSF study found that the knife block was one of the most contaminated items in a kitchen because it can catch & hold moisture, which causes unsavory bacteria to form.

Another common storage spot is a magnetic strip. While they may be quick & convenient, magnetic strips pose a safety hazard due to the knives being exposed & out in the open. Mishandling of knives can cause serious injury, which can be costly in a commercial environment. Also, if the magnet is not strong enough, knives can fall onto the floor & potentially damage them. Lastly, you cannot use magnetic strips for your ceramic knives.

So, what’s the best solution? A stainless steel wall mounted cabinet with a built-in knife holder seems to be the most sensible solution.

IMC offers Model #KNC, which is designed to safely store your cutlery. KNC is constructed from durable 18-gauge type 300 series stainless steel. The unit includes an 18-gauge double pan hinged door with louvers for the best ventilation. Inside the cabinet is a knife holder, which can store up to 10 knives. The knife holder detaches from the cabinet, so cleaning & disinfecting the openings is a breeze. Here’s a look below:

When it comes to cutlery, IMC/Teddy knows the importance of keeping your knives sharp & ready to use during those busy service hours. The absolute best thing you can do for your knives is properly disinfect & store them for long-term use. For a closer look at Model #UVC, check out our in-depth blog article here. For more info on Model #KNC, take a look at our thorough blog article here.

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