Opening a Bar? Here’s Some Essential Foodservice Equipment to Consider

Bars are one of the most popular establishments in the world. Many people will agree that going to a bar is one way to escape the stresses of life & relax in the company of others. However, bars don’t simply pop up overnight. There is a ton of prep work & important equipment to procure before a bar is fully functional & open for business. So, what are the absolute necessities?

In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 categories of products to strongly consider if you are opening up a brand new bar. While bar requisites like glassware & seating are mandatory, we’ll only be focusing on the stainless steel foodservice items to add to your lineup. Let’s begin.

1) Floor Troughs – Keep Your Floor Dry & Safe

Let’s face it – you can’t have a bar without drinks. But, drinks can pose a hazard if accidental spillage occurs. This is especially important behind the bar where bartenders are serving up drinks. This also applies to the kitchen area of a bar, where applicable. Employee safety is paramount. The truth is spills are bound to happen, especially during those chaotic hours.

Floor troughs channel these liquids into a drain, providing a dry & safe environment for you to walk on. Without floor troughs, there would be pooling water, making the floor a slip hazard.

IMC Product Suggestions:

CFT (efficient, cost-effective option)

FT (standard option for most applications)

ASFT (if you are anticipating large leaks & spills)

2) Hand Sinks – Combat Germs & Illness

In the new normal, hygienic activities such as hand washing are a mainstay. This is why adding hand sinks to your establishment will boost your facility’s defense against germs & illness. Hand sinks are also mandatory for employees, who are required to wash their hands often according to government regulations. 

IMC Product Suggestions:

CSW (efficient, cost-effective option)

WS (customizable, standard hand sink)

ADA (mandatory for meeting handicap & ADA Requirements)

PHS (100% mobile & ready for outdoor use)

3) Dishtables – Required for Food Serving Facilities

If you are planning to serve food in your new bar, you will absolutely need a heavy duty dishwasher. Along with a dishwasher, you will need soiled & clean dishtables to temporarily leave your plates, bowls & other wares. Soiled dishtables hold the unclean wares, while clean dishtables hold the washed wares. The orientation of the dishtables (straight, corner, island) will all depend on the allocated space given. Try to arrange your dishtables in a way that will make effective use of the area you are working in.

IMC Product Suggestions:

SCDT (straight clean)

SSDT (straight soiled)

4) Worktables – Increase Your Prep Task Productivity

If you plan on providing entrees, appetizers or even takeout, worktables are an absolute must. They provide an extra avenue for you to perform basic prep tasks & keep items handy. Worktables are also customizable to fit your needs, so you can tailor one to maximize your throughput.

IMC Product Suggestions:

 WT (standard flat top)

WTB (standard 6″ backsplash)

5) Cabinets – Store Supplies Safely & Easily

In the realm of cabinets – storage, wall and/or base cabinets are a smart investment decision. Extra supplies such as straws, napkins, coasters, etc. need a place to be kept. Cabinets are the perfect answer for this.

Cabinets are also useful for locking up safety items such as a first aid kit or a fire extinguisher, which also must be present on the facility according to government regulations.

IMC Product Suggestions:

 SC (storage cabinet)

OC (wall cabinet)

BC (base cabinet)

6) Bar Stations – For Portable & Stationary Use

If you’re planning for outdoor service, a portable bar can come in handy. Most portable bars come with an ice bin, sink bowl(s), faucet(s), speed rail(s), bottle holders & a storage area. Everything you need to operate successfully should be equipped in one unit.

Bar stations can also be useful indoors, especially if you are moving room to room during service hours. Simply put, bar stations allow you to go mobile, which is a major benefit in your new establishment.

IMC Product Suggestion:

 BRS-1 (bar station)

7) Ice Carts/Bins – Let’s Not Forget About the Ice

Finally, no drink is complete without ice. Ice is considered a food product, so it deserves just as much care & attention. With that said, you will need a suitable environment to hold your ice during service hours. Mobile ice carts & bins are the perfect solution for this.

Ice carts/bins allow you to safely store your ice at cold temperatures & enable you to quickly access the ice for serving. Melted ice means more waste & no cold drinks.

IMC Product Suggestions:

 IBP-1 (compact size)

 IBT-36 (ice & storage in one unit)

 ITRC (larger capacity with undershelves)

While the above covers the bare minimum, there are other stainless steel items to consider such as shelving & waste receptacles that can complement your existing equipment. IMC/Teddy understands that opening a new bar can be a challenge in regards to procuring the right equipment. Luckily, IMC/Teddy manufactures all the stainless steel necessities to get your business jumpstarted. For a closer look at IMC’s products, click here.

*Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of IMC/Teddy. Our content is intended to be used and must be used for informational purposes only. Please contact IMC/Teddy directly if you would like to feature this post on your webpage. Thank you.

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