What You Should Know About Correctional Equipment

There are over 2.2 million prisoners inhabiting thousands of correctional facilities in the United States. Needless to say, kitchens in correctional facilities have some big challenges to face when it comes to finding the correct stainless steel equipment.

More specifically, prison kitchen equipment must be durable & secure enough for use by the inmates, who often make up much of the kitchen staff. The truth of the matter is that given the opportunity, prisoners may look for something to damage or use as a weapon.

The US government has some regulations on machinery & equipment use, but the guidelines do not address any special versions of stainless steel equipment made for jails & federal prisons.

In this article, we will take a look at the meaning of “correctional package” & the unique features associated with it.

What is a “Correctional Package”?

Simply put, a correctional package is where kitchen equipment has been modified from standard models to be suited for use in correctional facilities. The definition of this does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The bottom line is any piece of stainless steel equipment brought into a prison kitchen must have durable construction, no exposed parts that can be broken off, & no easily-removed parts that can be stolen.

Correctional Package Features

So, what exactly makes a correctional package so secure? Here are some common features that most stainless steel equipment have to meet the correctional requirements:

  • All-Welded Construction: The most important feature. All equipment must be welded uniformly so welded joints & hinges can support more weight leading to increased durability.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel: In order to withstand more abuse, equipment must be constructed from lower gauge stainless steel. 14 gauge type 304 is the most common, but vary from product to product.
  • Stationary, Flanged Legs: Mobility for correctional equipment must be kept to a limit. Equipment featuring flanged legs can be bolted to the floor, allowing for an immobile product.
  • Tamper Proof Screws: In order to prevent inmates from removing screws, correctional equipment features tamper proof screws. These screws may not be removed with a standard screwdriver, but rather a unique tool that is usually provided with the equipment.
  • Locks: Lastly, standard locks on doors & other components help limit access to important items.

By understanding your facilities’ unique requirements, IMC/Teddy can design modified products tailored to fit your security needs. Some of these products include floor troughs, shelving, hand sinks, mop sinks, storage/wall cabinets & so forth. Each of these products adhere to the strict correctional package features listed earlier in this article. For our latest security offerings, check out our full lineup here.

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