5 Essential Items for Catering in a COVID-19 World

With the advent of Coronavirus (COVID-19), virtual events & meetings have become the mainstay. However, small in-person gatherings (such as weddings) are starting to slowly come back to life. Catering services must provide the proper equipment to guests in order to adhere to the social distance & sanitary guidelines set forth by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).

In this article, we’ll reveal 5 vital products to jumpstart your catering operation & give you a breakdown of each item. Let’s start.

1. Dispensers

The first item is tableware dispensers, used for distributing plates & bowls. Tableware dispensers can be heated or unheated based on what is on the menu. Try to invest in the correct number & variety of tableware dispensers to best match your catering needs.

Guests will also need knives, forks, spoons, etc. to start dining. Disposable supplies are the hot item right now because they require no cleanup. This means silverware dispensers will be your best bet to ensure safety. With plates & utensils in hand, you can officially start your catering operation correctly. Here’s a glimpse at some of IMC’s dispensers for reference:

2. Tray Carts/Tray Bussing Racks

Transporting food items around your commercial kitchen is mandatory in every catering operation. Food will have to be moved in a safe way that ensures freshness. You’ll need to invest in special carts to get the job done.

Tray carts are the perfect addition to any catering operation. Loading up a tray cart with food allows you to move large amounts of product within a short amount of time. Depending on the size of your operation & expected volume, you may need a tray cart with a capacity of 20-40 trays.

Once dining service has finished, you’ll need to clear the dirty dishes & other wares off the table. This is where tray bussing racks come into play. Tray bussing racks can be quickly filled & transported to the dishwashing area of your facility for complete washing & sanitization. Here’s a look at IMC’s offerings:

3. Hand Washing Stations

Employees & guests will need a way to wash their hands frequently & safely. Hand sinks come in a variety of configurations such as wall mountedfree standing & portable. After all, washing your hands often is the #1 way to prevent the spread of germs & bacteria. In a catering operation where people are gathered in a small proximity, this can go a long way. Hands-free options are also attractive as they limit the risk of cross contamination & boost hygiene. Of course, you will need a way to dry off your hands after washing has finished. Automatic towel dispensers are a viable solution for both employees & guests. Here’s a look at IMC’s offerings below:

4. Bar Station

If you’re planning on taking your catering operation outdoors, you’ll need a portable bar station to serve drinks to your guests. Simply put, by having a portable bar at your next outdoor catering event, you’ll be able to host a successful social gathering. Some states & venues are banning indoor gatherings, so bringing the bar to people is a recipe for success. Having an easily accessible bar also limits foot traffic around your facility & lessens any risk of infection. Here’s IMC’s own portable bar station:

5. Ice Bins

If you’re going to serve ice cold drinks, you’ll need an ice bin. Ice should be treated as a food product, so all the same safety measures apply here when handling it. Some ice bins have separate, insulated compartments for bottled drinks so guests can choose to have a factory sealed beverage if safety is a big concern. Here’s a look at IMC’s ice bin products:

At IMC/Teddy, we continue to manufacture products to help you maintain facility safety & hygiene. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to be your teammate in fighting back against the virus as much as possible. For a look at IMC’s hygienic & safety products, click here.

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