IMC Modulars: Increasing Sanitation & Safety for All

It’s no secret that indoor dining has seen many challenges in reopening during the new normal. This is especially true in establishments where buffet operations are the main business. Adapting to various menus & managing foot traffic all while maintaining safety are constant factors to consider. In order to have an efficient serving line, IMC modular serving systems seem to be the natural solution.

In this article, we’ll explain the various ways that IMC modulars are useful during serving line operations & give you some tips on taking your buffet operations to new heights. Let’s start.

Safe Operating Needs

One of the main concerns of any reopening restaurant is maintaining a safe social distance between patrons. IMC modulars can actually help in this regard. How?

The biggest positive of IMC modulars is that they can be easily reconfigured. Restaurant operators can create separate, isolated serving areas throughout the dining room to ensure patrons are moving through the waiting line at a comfortable distance. For example, one end of the dining room can be entirely dedicated to hot foods while the opposite end of the room can be focused on cold foods. There is no need to have both serving lines next to each other. This allows you to manage the shifting traffic flow & minimize bunching of people in your establishment.

IMC modular configuration is flexible so our advice is to adjust your serving line equipment in a way that will make sense for your menu. Having the ability to create multiple points of distribution is essential in ensuring sanitation & safety.

Limitless Options

IMC modular serving systems are some of the most customizable pieces of equipment in our catalog. Many can be equipped with heat lamps, tray slides, laminate doors or intermediate shelves to name a few. But, let’s talk about the options that enhance safety.

Sneeze guards, protector cases & display cases are the most essential options to have in order to maintain hygiene in your serving line. These 3 options allow you to keep your menu items protected & out of people’s reach. No more tampering & less risk of contamination.

Furthermore, casters give you a big advantage over stationary equipment. Casters allow you to fully sanitize your modular equipment in a 360° area getting every corner & crevice, ultimately leading to a clean environment.

Enhance Your Layout

IMC modular serving systems are designed to be interlocked together thanks to the built-in latches. This allows for quick & easy assembly & disconnecting. This enables restaurant operators to create a visually appealing, seamless serving line to meet the volume of the dining operations. This can then be broken up into several smaller serving lines throughout the dining room.

Thinking about the layout of your space & predicting foot traffic volume is absolutely crucial in utilizing modular serving equipment to the fullest extent.

At IMC/Teddy, we continue to manufacture products to help you maintain facility safety & hygiene. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to be your teammate in fighting back against the virus as much as possible. For a closer look at IMC modular serving systems, click here.

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