Announcing Model #SDTH-8, a Classic Reimagined

They say a “classic never dies.” IMC/Teddy is no stranger to paying homage to the past & this time we’ve decided to bring back a product that reaches all the way back to 1965. This product is Model #SDTH-8, Silverware Dispenser & Tray Holder. What brought us the inspiration & how will this product benefit your meal services? Let’s jump right in.

The Past

 Take a look at this catalog page from 1965! This is the original inspiration for our new model #SDTH-8. Although the item was called a “Silver Condiment and Tray Rack,” the concept still remains similar to our modern design now. This model featured 14 cylinders on each side with a tray holder underneath. No corner bumper was equipped. An optional cover or napkin dispenser was also available. 

The Present

With the above inspiration in place, we reimagined this dispenser into SDTH-8. Here is a key overview of the product:

Depending on the intent, SDTH-8 can be used in the front of house or back, but either way it keeps silverware neat & organized.

No guest wants to pick up a knife & find out that it’s been dulled down or even bent. SDTH-8 actually helps in keeping your flatware protected against abuse by acting as a home for your cutlery while not in use.

The stainless steel silverware construction has an attractive, customer-friendly look so guests will be encouraged to use it. Other dispensers made of plastic simply do not compare. Additionally, its small footprint is a space saver for those areas where workable space is minimal.

IMC/Teddy understands that keeping your meal service running smoothly & efficiently is the #1 goal when operating a cafeteria or buffet. Silverware & trays can be tricky to organize, but a dedicated dispenser is sure to safeguard against any potential issues. For a closer look at new model #SDTH-8, click here.

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