Stainless Steel French Restaurant Equipment – What to Look for?

French cuisine is often regarded as one of the most prestigious in the world. From the vibrant flavors, intriguing ingredients & striking visuals, it’s not hard to see why. With a rich history & undeniable influence, it’s safe to say that French restaurants are here to stay. However, just like with any restaurant, certain stainless steel equipment is needed to maintain your efficiency. What should be added in your lineup?

In this article, we’ll give you a checklist of 4 stainless steel products that should be considered for your French restaurant. We’ll also offer up some IMC products as examples. Let’s start with #1.

 Equipment Stands

French cuisine involves the use of much smaller sized, exclusive equipment such as crepe makers & sous vide circulators. You will need a wider & shorter stand to use these items comfortably. Equipment stands are just the right piece of equipment to do the job.

IMC offers Models #EST & #ESTP. EST is a stainless steel equipment stand constructed of rugged 14-gauge type 300 series stainless steel. Standard height is 24″, so operating machinery should be a breeze. Model #ESTP is unique equipment stand designed to capture any scrap or crumbs in a removable tray – useful for any foods involving dough or flour. A brush is included with the stand for easy clean up. Here’s a closer look:

  Mixer Tables

French baking is a certified art. So it stands to say that French desserts & pastries are some of the most popular in the world. Macarons, croissants, quiche, éclairs & crème brûlée are well-known examples. In order to bake all of these to perfection, you’ll need the best blenders, mixers & food processors to accomplish the task. Mixer tables make a suitable home for all of this equipment.

IMC offers Models #SMT & #SMTT. SMT is a stainless steel mixer table with a 14-gauge top & an 18-gauge undershelf. The low height (30″) is ideal for operating any machine. Model #SMTT is similar, but adds an integrated 40″ high tool tree for utensil storage. Here’s a look:

 Knife & Accessory Cabinets

French cuisine lends itself to unique knives that pair well with your kitchen tasks. Some of the most popular French knives include the laguiole, French chef knife & the paring knife. You’ll want a safe spot to keep them when finished with service. A dedicated knife cabinet is the best place for this. Here’s a peek at IMC Model #KNC:

French cuisine calls for other unique accessories such as tart pans/molds, torches, escargot tongs & other garnishing tools. These small tools need to be stored in secure spot when finished. Consider an accessory cabinet for these items.

IMC offers Model #AC, a wall mounted accessory cabinet. AC features (2) adjustable shelves with a stainless steel door & an optional lock box attachment. Check out this preview:

  Dish Cabinets

French cuisine is home for some of the most interesting presentations. What makes the presentation so appealing? The plating, of course. French plating includes escargot dishes, au gratin dishes, rarebit dishes, ramekins & so on. Plating can be fragile so you’ll want an exclusive area for them. Dish cabinets are just the ticket.

IMC offers Model #DBC, a 18-gauge stainless steel cabinet with a 16-gauge flat top surface. It features an open front for easy visibility of your wares. Standard models are 36″ high so all plates/dishes can be accessed easily. Take a look:

French restaurants are holding true to their fancy roots even to this day. Stainless steel equipment perfectly complements this thanks to the upscale aesthetic that it offers. Aside from aesthetic, stainless steel equipment offers the most hygienic properties & durability in the industry. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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