Commonly Asked Questions About Shelving

Shelving is the most common way to store your utensils, ingredients & other important items in the commercial kitchen. However, many types exist & configuring the perfect shelving system for you may take a bit of assessment & research. We’re here to clear the air on some of the most frequently asked questions about shelving units.

In this article, we’ll answer 5 of the most burning questions about IMC shelving products & provide you with helpful resources for your future reference. Let’s start with question 1.

1. What’s the difference between a standard shelf & a wall mounted shelf?

Both of their purpose is the same: storage & organization. However, picking between a standard shelf & a wall mounted shelf will be a matter of how much space you have available in your work area.

If you have an abundance of floor space on hand, a standard shelving unit will suffice. They will also hold more items than a wall mounted shelf & can be mounted on casters, which allows you to move the unit around the facility with ease.

If floor space is at a minimum, you will have to utilize a wall mounted shelf. Setting up multiple wall mounted shelves is the key to unlocking the most storage space in your given area. They are also great for keeping your vital items within arm’s reach.

2. Are solid shelves any different than louvered shelves? How do I know what to pick?

IMC offers solid & louvered type shelves for each manufactured shelving unit. The choice of which type to pick will all come down to what kind of items you are storing.

Solid shelving is good for storing “dry” items, which is products that do not leak or have a risk of dripping down below. Solid shelving is also ideal for storing any size articles. Lastly, solid shelving is easier to clean.

Louvered shelving, on the other hand, is better for air circulation. This means it is better for “wet” items & doesn’t allow any standing liquids. Louvered shelving also has greater visibility of items.

To learn more about solid vs. louvered shelving, check out our in-depth comparison here.

3. Is there a weight limit for these shelving units?

For standard shelving units, each shelf tier can easily hold 250-300 lbs of items comfortably. 

For wall mounted shelving, it will entirely depend on how you mount the shelf. If you are mounting on a loose anchor such as plywood, we do not recommend putting more than 200 lbs of equipment on the wall shelf. If you are mounting the wall shelf on a sturdier anchor, you can put 250-275 lbs of items on the wall shelf.

It will also depend on the length of your wall shelf as well. If you have questions on weight limits, please contact us beforehand.

4. I need shelving for a correctional facility. What type of shelving should I look into?

If you are installing shelving in a correctional facility, you’ll need to add a Security Package to your configuration.

A security package means the shelf becomes fully welded, the post legs cannot be unassembled & any optional casters are welded right into legs. This ensures that no part of the shelf can be broken off, stolen or used as a weapon.

IMC offers Model #SSS, which is constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel. IMC wall shelves can also be optioned to include a security package to comply with high security facilities.

5. What is “tubular” shelving?

Along with solid & louvered wall shelving, IMC also offers a special third type called tubular wall shelving. Tubular wall shelving (Model #WMS-T) is the absolute best option for providing maximum air circulation.

The bigger openings found on the unit allow for a rack-like design so you can quickly dry off your wares & put them back into your service.

Tubular wall shelves are also easier to clean, thanks to the minimalistic design. Usually a few wipe downs is all that is needed to fully disinfect a tubular shelf.

Click here for more information on tubular wall shelves & their importance.

Shelving is a popular item in IMC’s catalog. With numerous designs available, IMC is poised to provide you with the perfect fleet of shelving units to complement your storage & organizational needs. To learn more about how IMC’s shelving lineup, click here.

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