Introducing Model #GLC-1 – Glass Rack Cart

Bussing dirty or clean glassware around can be a messy ordeal. Why not make things simpler? IMC’s new glass rack cart is designed to eliminate all the hassles. This is Model #GLC-1.

Major Features

The unit is constructed from all welded 16GA stainless steel to stand up to the wear & tear of daily use. The surface has a marine edge on all sides, which keeps your glass racks in place. The rack cart accommodates 20″ x 20″ racks.

The integrated front guard rail helps keep the glass racks stable during transport. Revolving bumpers on each corner are included so that your walls remain scuff-free. Each unit comes standard with 5″ casters & a push/pull handle constructed of 1″ S/S tubing. 

Take a look below:

What’s the Real Benefit?

Glass rack carts are the easiest way to carry a high volume of used & new glassware around your commercial kitchen or at events. Simply stack up your rack of glasses onto the surface & you are on the way. No more having to lift or carry racks or possibly breaking glasses.

Start working more efficiently today. Model #GLC-1 is available now & can be customized to fit your application. The glass rack cart will be shown in person at the upcoming NAFEM Show at our booth #3212.To learn more about how IMC’s glass rack cart, click here.

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