Commonly Asked Questions About Undercounter & Soak Sinks

Undercounter & soak sinks are unique, portable options for carrying out your mobile warewashing tasks. They can particularly come in handy in busy washing areas where cleaning utensils is an around the clock operation. Lastly, they are quite useful for outdoor events such as banquets & receptions. However, many questions have risen about the differences & setup of these sinks – we’re here to clear the air.

In this article, we’ll give 5 of the most common questions asked about undercounter & soak sinks. Here’s the first question.

1. What is the Exact Difference Between an Undercounter Sink & a Soak Sink?

At first glance, both type of sinks look identical. They are both square shaped, equipped with casters & have the same drains. However, the purpose of both sinks is entirely different. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Undercounter Mobile Sinks (IMC Model #UCS)

  • Ideal for any small wares/utensils.
  • The height is drastically lower than a portable soak sink making it easy to store underneath a work or prep table.
  • Not designed for leaving items soaked for long periods of time. It’s used for thorough cleaning of items.
  • Available with an optional chute (more on this later..)

Portable Soak Sinks (IMC Model #MSK)

  • Mainly used for silverware soaking.
  • Includes a marine edge so water stays in the bowl & off the floor.
  • Generally larger in size to accommodate a variety of different items.
  • Includes crossrails for stability

2. How Do You Set Them up Correctly?

The beauty of these portable sinks is that setup is a breeze. You do not need any fancy pipes or additional hoses or tubes hanging off these sinks. Setting up these sinks is achieved by simply filling the bowl with water & your choice of cleanser. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) recommends washing items using gloves & hot water. That’s it.

When finished, the twist lever drain enables you to empty the bowl for future use.

3. Are They a Substitute for a Compartment Sink?

The answer is complicated. 

Design wise, these portable sinks are a viable companion to compartment sinks (or any stationary sink for that matter). Undercounter & soak sinks are not meant to replace compartment sinks.

These portable sinks are meant to offer convenience in that you can bring your water & washing materials anywhere they need to be, whether it’s inside or outside the facility. Think of them as an extra utility sink – just on casters.

Always keep in mind your local codes & regulations. Some municipalities require a stationary compartment sink (most of the time a 3 compartment sink) to meet sanitation requirements.

4. Can the Depth of the Bowl Be Changed?

Yes. In fact, several options exist for both types:

Undercounter Mobile Sinks (IMC Model #UCS)

  • UCS-SM8 sink bowl depth is 8″ deep, UCS-SM12 sink bowl depth is 12″ deep.
  • Optional 10″ sink bowl depth is available.

Portable Soak Sinks (IMC Model #MSK)

  • MSK12 sink bowl depth is 12″ deep, MSK14 sink bowl depth is 14″ deep.
  • Optional 8″ & 10″ sink bowl depth is available.

What’s the best one to choose? It’ll depend on how many wares you have to clean & the average size of them. If you are planning for heavy use with larger items, investing in a larger sink bowl is wise. If you only have a few smaller items, a shallow sink bowl is the best bet.

5. For the Undercounter Mobile Sink (Model #UCS), Is the Chute Really Necessary?

Although it is an option, the detachable chute makes it easy to push silverware off the table & down the chute into the sink, allowing for a fast cleanup. Here’s a closer look at the chute for reference:

If you foresee having a large amount of items in need of washing, the chute will certainly come in handy.

Undercounter & soak sinks bring a new level of convenience to your washing tasks. Use them to complement your existing utility sinks. To learn more about how IMC’s undercounter & soak sinks, click here.

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