Here’s Some Essential Stainless Steel Equipment to Consider for Your Pizzeria

Operating a pizzeria can present a number of different equipment challenges. From ovens to mixers to presses, it can be complicated to keep up with the demanding requirements. However, with the right stainless steel equipment, large or small pizzerias can stay ahead of the curve.

In this article, we’ll list out some essential stainless steel equipment for your pizzeria & offer up some IMC products to assist in your search. Let’s begin.


Stainless steel worktables are vital in prepping & assembling your delicious pizza specialties & other dishes. Most worktables come equipped with an undershelf for extra storage. Other useful options include drawers, casters (for added mobility) & a drip pan/grate for those extra messy crumbs.

Size & capacities for worktables vary. Try to figure out the volume of pizza for your operation as well as the kind of toppings you will offer to find the right configuration.

IMC’s Solutions:

Model #WT is the standard model for performing all of your prep tasks. WT can be 14 or 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel. Model #WTB is similar to the above except it has the addition of a 6″ high backsplash to protect your walls from splashes and/or damage.

Mixer & Equipment Stands

Mixer & equipment stands are all about mobility & offer a home to your heavy machinery to lie on. Equipment such as spiral mixers, dough dividers & dough sheeters can be cumbersome. Mixer & equipment stands alleviate this problem single handedly. Most mixer stands come equipped with undershelves & pan slides so you position trays of dough until they’re ready to be baked. Most mixer & equipment stands also have a lower height so you can easily operate your machinery.

IMC’s Solutions:

Model #SMT is IMC’s standard model consisting of a 14-gauge type 300 stainless steel top, 18-gauge undershelf & 5″ casters. Model #SMTS is similar to the above, except it includes additional 14-gauge tray slides welded to the legs.

Model #SMTT includes an integral tool tree to hang your most essential utensils on. Finally, Model #SMS features the tool tree plus a flush open cabinet body & marine edge.

For equipment stands, IMC offers Model #EST, which has a 14-gauge stainless steel top & 18-gauge undershelf. With a low height of 24″, EST enables you to easily operate your most unwieldy equipment during service hours.

Lastly, Model #ESTP is tailor made for pizzerias. The unique design with removable perforated top area enables you to capture all crumbs & scraps, allowing you to easily dump the waste into the trash. Standard back & side splashes are also ideal for keeping your walls & floor clean.

Tray Carts

If you operate a large pizzeria, transferring & carrying dough throughout the facility is vital. This is where tray carts can really save the day. Tray carts come with tray slides so you can neatly stack rows of dough into one unit.

Tray carts are enclosed & insulated, meaning your freshly made dough can keep warm & safe for use. When finished, tray carts can simply carry those empty trays back to your baking area.

IMC’s Solutions:

IMC offers a variety of tray carts depending on your volume & size of your operation. All are constructed from 16-gauge type 300 series stainless steel & can accommodate 15” x 20” or 14” x 18” trays (tray slide size can be customized).

For smaller operations, Model #TC1 will get the job done perfectly. TC1 comes equipped with 1 door & 1 column of slides. The unit is relatively compact & can hold up to 20 trays. Model #TC2 has 2 doors can accommodate two trays per slide. Model #TC has 2-3 doors & can hold one tray per slide. All tray carts can be customized with a galley rail or door locks among other options to fit your application.

IMC/Teddy knows the challenges of keeping up with the high demand in a pizzeria setting. No one has time for inferior equipment during those busy service hours. Having the most sturdy & reliable stainless steel equipment will give you peace of mind & make your tasks a breeze.  To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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