Optimize Your Small Commercial Kitchen with These 3 Stainless Steel Items

Commercial kitchens come in all shapes & sizes. Some of the largest commercial kitchens can reach up to 2,000 square feet in size. On the opposite end of the spectrum, small kitchens can be as little as 200 square feet, but the most common size is 500 square feet. No matter what size your commercial kitchen is, there are a few essential stainless steel items that you will need to procure in order to operate efficiently & safely.

In this article, we’ll define a small kitchen (as well as give some examples) & offer up the 3 most important stainless steel items to have in your lineup. Let’s jump right in.

What Exactly is a Small Kitchen?

As mentioned above, small kitchens range in size from 200 – 500 square feet.  With that said, close quarters service is the name of the game when dealing with such a small space. With such a limited area to work in, most small kitchens have 1-4 chefs working to fulfill customer orders. Some examples of commercial small kitchens include concession stands, food trucks & small diners.

With such a challenging concept, no space must be wasted. Multipurpose & small sized equipment is the key to running a small commercial kitchen effectively.

The 3 Stainless Steel Essentials

Small kitchens need the proper essentials like ovens, fryers, freezers, etc. to prepare & cook food. But, what about stainless steel equipment? Let’s have a look at the 3 most important items to consider:

1. Compartment/Scullery Sinks – No matter how big or small your commercial kitchen is, cleanliness should be the #1 priority. Washing your wares & utensils properly is just one way of maintaining proper hygiene in your small commercial kitchen. Having a 3 compartment sink (if space permits) is a surefire way to fully disinfect your wares. 1 & 2 compartment sinks may also suffice if space is limited.  1 compartment sinks are suitable as a compact utility sink. 2 compartment sinks are useful for food thawing & preparation purposes. Of course, always remember to check local & health codes to stay in compliance.   

Take a look at some IMC manufactured compartment/scullery sinks:

2. Worktables – You’ll need a dedicated area to perform prep tasks & organize your ingredients. This is where worktables come in to save the day. Worktables come in all shapes & sizes, so finding the right one should be simple enough. 

Stainless steel worktables are also safe (thanks to the nonporous surface) & sturdy. Stainless steel worktables can keep up with any overwhelming demand, while wood & plastic materials buckle under the pressure.

Here are some compact IMC worktable offerings for you to look at:

3. Storage Equipment (Shelving & Cabinets) – Having ingredients & utensils lying around is not a good look. This is why no matter what size kitchen you have; shelving & storage equipment is paramount. Try to aim for equipment that does not take up any floor space.

A simple wall shelf should be sufficient enough to house your best ingredients & keep them close at hand. A space saving wall cabinet is also a wise choice to free up your floor space & keep your supplies out of the way when not in use. Corner shelving & cabinet options also exist, so making the best use out of your dead corner space is a smart move.

Here’s a look at some IMC storage solutions:

IMC/Teddy manufactures stainless steel food service equipment for all commercial kitchens, large or small. Using Type 300 Series stainless steel, IMC is proud to offer the best quality stainless steel products made only in the USA. For extremely limited areas, IMC offers custom sizes to best fit your work area. To learn more about how IMC can cater to your stainless steel needs, click here.

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