Here’s What’s on Tap With IMC’s Portable Bar Station

With temperatures starting to rise, outdoor catering & dining will soon become the norm once again (finally!). Banquets, wedding receptions & corporate fundraisers will be popping up around your town. As always, with warm temperatures comes the demand for drinks. Is there nothing so exciting & refreshing as a perfectly mixed drink or a nice cold glass of your favorite soda?

If you’re planning on taking your bar operation outdoors, you’ll need the perfect portable bar station to get the job done. In this article, we’ll take a look at the significance of having a portable bar station & how you can customize yours to fit into your business. Let’s begin.

So, What’s the Real Value of a Portable Bar Station?

Simply put, by having a portable bar at your next outdoor event, you’ll be able to host a successful social gathering. We all know that a social gathering without drinks is not a social gathering at all. Don’t forget this important tip.

To help solve this potential problem, a portable bar station is the solution. The IMC portable bar station combines functionality & durability, providing your bartenders & guests with the ultimate experience. Plus, the stainless steel design is visually-appealing & attractive, making it a great addition to any casual or upscale event.

The IMC bar station can be equipped with casters, so you can easily take your drink service anywhere. All you have to do is load up the station with bottles, glassware, ice, etc. & you are good to go. You’ll never have to run inside for any items during service.

What Comes With It? Can You Customize It?

Each IMC portable bar station comes standard with the following:

  • Insulated ice bin w/ (3) garnish pans & 1” NPS drain in center
  • 16GA S/S integral sink bowl (12” x 14” x 8” deep)
  • Gooseneck faucet included
  •  Large prep area in front of sink to prepare drinks
  •  Removable 18GA S/S speed rail & blender shelf
  • 3 bottle holder on side
  •  Storage space under sink for supplies
  •  Dou­ble pan doors with pull handles

As mentioned earlier, 5″ casters are available for smooth mobility & easy transport. If you need to protect your ice bin or sink, covers can be equipped to prevent any dirt & debris from accumulating. If you need a hands-free faucet, an electronic faucet is available. Finally, if you’re experiencing high volume, extra garnish pans & bottle holders are available to accommodate you during service.

IMC model #BRS is the ideal portable bar station for catering halls, restaurants, casinos, etc. The unit can also be conveniently set up in hotel lobbies/terraces, & next to your pool/spa. The applications are limitless. Also, the easy customization & variety of options make it very versatile. Lastly, the all stainless steel construction makes the unit easy to clean for daily use. For a closer look at model #BRS, click here.

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