IMC Model #HS: The Complete Handwashing Experience

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), handwashing has become the most important hygienic practice in our daily lives. This is especially true for each & every commercial facility such as hospitals, restaurants, correctional facilities, etc. But, you’ll need the complete package to get the most out of your handwashing routine. This is where IMC Model #HS comes into play.

In this article, we’ll explore the value of setting up a free standing hand sink in your business & detail out the defining features of IMC Model #HS. Let’s get started.

Why a Free Standing Hand Sink?

Although wall mounted models do exist, a free standing hand sink is the full package consisting of a sink bowl, faucet, soap dispenser & towel dispenser. It truly is the all-in-one stationary solution.

IMC free standing hand sinks include their own base so they can be placed anywhere you have access to a water line. Many health codes require that you provide sinks for handwashing, and free standing sinks allow you to fulfill those requirements. They are simply a convenient way for patrons & employees to wash their hands quickly & efficiently. Most importantly, you can promote cleanliness & prevent the spread of germs in your commercial facility, which is crucial in today’s world.

What Comes With It? Are There Variations?

Model #HS  is based on the wall mounted IMC WS Model design with a large deck for a faucet & soap dispenser. The high backsplash protects the wall & keeps the sink sanitary. A towel dispenser is mounted above the backsplash to round out the system. The type of faucet, soap dispenser & towel dispenser is completely up to you. Choose the best combination of accessories to fit your application.

The integral 18-gauge cabinet body supports the sink & provides access to plumbing. An optional door & shelf can be used for storage below sink. 

There is the standard HS model, but two variations exist:

  • HS-X Model – Same as the standard HS model except with no faucet, towel dispensers & soap dispenser. A faucet hole can be provided.
  • HS-SEC Model – This is the security model, which features a 16-gauge body & rear coves. Ideal in correctional facilities, where equipment cannot have any exposed or removable parts. A deck mounted self closing faucet is included.

Below are a few examples of Model #HS configurations:

With so many different varieties shown above, the customization does not stop there. To increase sanitation even more, model #HS can be equipped with foot pedals or knee valves for complete hands-free operation. The hands free design allows you to easily operate the flow of water with a knee/toe operated faucet. This lets your staff/patrons easily wash their hands without having to touch knobs or levers, allowing for better sanitation.

Model #HS can also be equipped with side splashes to  prevent the water from dripping onto the floor for a safer, cleaner work environment.

IMC model #HS is the ideal combatant against germs & bacteria. Having a comprehensive handwashing solution in your facility is the first step in maintaining a clean environment. For a closer look at model #HS, click here.

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