IMC/Teddy Compartment Sinks: The Best Defense Against COVID-19

Indoor dining is slowly coming back to life in the new normal. That means your reusable dishes, utensils & other wares are going back to work & must be thoroughly sanitized. With the updated FDA guidelines regarding ware washing, you’ll need a fully capable compartment sink to get the job done.

In this article, we’ll explain the importance of having a compartment sink in your establishment & offer up some IMC/Teddy products to serve your needs. Let’s begin.

Why Do You Need a Compartment Sink Exactly?

We’ve spoken before about the complete ins & outs of a compartment sink. There’s no question that compartment sinks are absolutely mandatory in every commercial kitchen, large or small. With the advent of COVID-19, compartment sinks are more important than ever.

The truth of the matter is compartment sinks offer the best way to wash, rinse & sanitize your wares. With indoor dining coming back, compartment sinks are your best ally in fighting bacteria/viruses & keeping your guests safe.

How? Let’s briefly run through the intricate process of a typical 3 compartment sink.

Essentially, compartment sinks enable you to scrape away any leftover food on your wares. The first compartment is used to scrub all surfaces of the wares in warm, soapy water. Sanitizing will not destroy bacteria & viruses if excess grime is in the way.

In the second compartment, the previously cleaned items are rinsed in warm water. Soap residue can prevent sanitizer from killing germs. The key is this: complete rinsing makes sanitizing more effective.

In the third compartment, your wares are soaked in a chemical sanitizing solution or hot water. The items are completely submerged. The crucial final step is to let your wares air-dry. Towel drying may contaminate your newly washed items & you will have to repeat the whole process over again. Here’s a look in visual form:

The IMC Advantage

IMC compartment/scullery sinks are designed for heavy duty application in institutional & commercial facilities. IMC offers compartment sinks from 1-4 compartments, based on the volume & tasks that your operation needs to do. Every IMC compartment sink features handmade sink bowls, stainless steel legs (gussets & bullet feet) & stainless steel crossbracing. Each compartment sink is fully polished to a #4 finish to bring out that shine.

Options such as drainboards or scrap baskets are available to make your compartment sink suitable in a variety of locations in the facility for applications such as restaurant, deli, vegetable or bakery for pot & pan cleaning. Furthermore, we can customize our compartment sinks to fit your needs, especially within tight spaces.

Most importantly, IMC compartment sinks will help keep your wares clean & sanitized, which is vital in today’s new normal.

At IMC/Teddy, we continue to manufacture products to help you maintain facility safety & hygiene. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to be your teammate in fighting back against the virus as much as possible. For a closer look at IMC compartment/scullery sinks, click here.

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