Top 5 Hand Sink Accessories to Help Avoid COVID-19

With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), commercial hand sinks are surely being put to good use. After all, hand washing is the single most important act we can do to ward off the virus. But, with so many people using hand sinks on a daily basis, touchless options have become more attractive.

Let’s face it – cleaning & sanitizing faucet handles or a soap dispenser is a tough task to accomplish on an hourly basis, especially in high volume environments. Patrons would rather not have to handle objects that other people have come in contact with. The truth of the matter is viruses & bacteria lurk on surfaces. Ultimately, offering touch-free alternatives helps keep users healthy & safe.

In this article, we’ll break down five essential hand sink accessories to jump start your touchless initiative & offer up some IMC products to aid you in your search. Let’s hop in.

#1 – Electronic Faucets

In order to wash your hands, you’ll need water. Water only comes out of the faucet attached to the hand sink. The cold & hot temperatures are usually controlled with your hands, increasing the risk that you may contract a pathogen. With electronic faucets, the danger is virtually eliminated.

Electronic faucets use proximity sensors & send out bursts of water in controlled intervals. The temperature of the water is controlled by the maintenance staff, not by the user. This means less contact points for people to touch.

Check out IMC’s touchless faucets below – all are fully compatible with any of IMC’s hand sinks:

#2 – Electronic Soap Dispensers

Hand washing is not complete without soap. Typically, you’ll need to pump the soap manually from a dispenser, usually located on the sink deck or on the wall nearby. Electronic soap dispensers eliminate this problem & offer up a 100% hands free solution. Simply put, they minimize contact points & the spread of germs.

Check out IMC’s touchless soap dispensers – all are fully compatible with any of IMC’s hand sinks:

#3 – Foot Pedal Valves

If you have no means of power or want to skip the electronics altogether, foot pedal valves are a viable option.  As the name suggests, operation of the hand sink is done using your own two feet. Foot pedal valves usually have 2 levers, one for hot water & the other for cold water. Most foot pedal valves are situated flat on the floor, so your hands never come near the sink.

Check out IMC’s foot pedal valve offerings – all are fully compatible with any of IMC’s hand sinks:

#4 – Knee Valves

Instead of using your feet, operation is done via your own knees. Similar to foot pedals, there are two valves for hot & cold water. Knee valves are located higher off the floor so you can operate them comfortably.

Check out IMC’s knee valve offerings – all are fully compatible with any of IMC’s hand sinks:

#5 – Automatic Towel Dispensers

Once you’re done washing your hands, you’ll need something to dry them off! Standard towel dispensers have some sort of manual crank or lever to distribute the paper towel. Automatic towel dispensers use sensors to detect your hand  & the paper towel comes out without you having to touch anything. The risk of virus transmission is gone.

Check out IMC’s automatic towel dispenser offering, which complements any IMC hand sink:

At IMC/Teddy, we continue to manufacture products to help you maintain facility safety & hygiene. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to be your teammate in fighting back against the virus as much as possible. For a closer look at IMC hand sinks, click here.

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